Medical Fetish Mistress

Suppliers for all-things-medical Medfet have long since been my number one choice for needles, gloves, staplers etc etc as a London-based medical fetish mistress.

Quite the collection for a medical fetish mistress, in my London E2 play space of...scalpels, cautery pen, skin marker, gauze, masks, Jennings dental gag, Hegar dilator set (sounds), prep trays, forceps, sharper box, kidney dishes, stethoscopes, Syringe, molt retractor, pinwheels, cupping glasses, lab coat, BP monitor, examination table, Sheets of San Francisco throw, IV stand, are all things you will find in my medical installation by Medfet.

They also have ElectraStim and Sheets of San Francisco and I'm a huge fan of both. With ElectraStim I held a workshop in my studio a couple of years back, I already had a lot at that workshop but now I have even more. Sheets of San Francisco have made me a made-to-measure bed cover with pillowcases and I have two throws. All three companies are highly recommended. For all, please order through Medfet! Their Gift Certificates are a great way to treat your mistress too.

London E2 medical fetish mistress

Autoclave might be on my list if I was a major player in this area. However, for sounds, needles and light cutting it's not necessary if you follow hygiene standards.

Two items I would like would be, the IV stand for enema procedures and adjustable leg rests for many, many uses!

medical fetish mistress
medical fetish mistress

Medical packs for all my workshop ladies

Medfet have kindly given me goody bags for all the ladies that attend the CBT Play and Needle Play workshops in the coming up in September 9th and 10th 2023 - Back To School - Six of the Best Workshops. Follow on Twitter X.

Booking a session is very easy, just call 07729003220 so we can discuss details.

Booking a workshop is very easy, just call 07729003220 so we can look in the diary at dates and pick a date that suits you, or come to any of the workshops above by following the links.

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