Dublin Clients

Dublin clients my trips to your lovely city are few and far between. However, my suggestion is that you come to me!?

Unlike London, your airport is so close to the City of Dublin. Which means you have an easier time than us Londoners. Then it’s only an hour flight to Stansted airport. Once at Stansted there is a train called the Stansted Express (runs ever 15 mins) that will bring you into Liverpool Street station, City of London. My play studio is a fifteen minute walk from there.

Service oriented means that I don’t rush you in and out. This is more like five star treatment for valued clients, especially when you have travelled to see me. You must book by calling me on Telegram or WhatsApp and pay a small deposit via my business bank account or an Amazon gift voucher, in advance.

Love my Dublin clients


Prior to our session we chat to ensure we are both on the same page. You freshen up, and a shower is available if you are hot and bothered.

Decompression means that, I offer you a cup of tea and a sit down chat in my lounge afterwards.

Five star service means I don’t rush you out. Of course, it’s not compulsory to stay. If you have cut it very fine and don’t want to miss any flights or other appointments, then you leave as and when you wish. Appointments are not ever cancelled by me.

Dublin feels like home

Fully equipped play space will mean that you will not disappointed. All play is catered for. Anal play and pegging will mean that I have to give you an enema first.

Flying in and out of Dublin can be done in a day easily, as they are lots of flights each day. Plus Ryanair is very inexpensive, especially if you’re not travelling with luggage.

Dear Dublin clients, my play space is so close to you!

In conclusion, it’s really easy to come to me, especially as I have no plans to come back to Dublin soon.

Please call on Telegram or WhatsApp to book an appointment +447729003220

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