Mistress Mentor Workshops

Started my first monthly Mistress Mentor Workshops back in 2011 and have been running them as regular as clockwork since then.

Helping ladies build their knowledge, confidence and skills...confidence is everything..mistress mentor workshops. Follow my @MistressMentor on Twitter/X

Next Group Mistress Workshop May 4th 2024. TICKETS.

The original Mistress Mentor

My Brand Workshops also helps to define your uniqueness and expand your clientele. This is not a group workshop but a private lessons seven days a week, over a two or three hour class. Unique is what I am, and this is my approach to helping you create your own unique brand, rather than imitate others.

Mistress Mentor Workshops

Considered the very best UK educator for medical play, CBT, Impact Play, Bondage, Wax Play, Anal Play & Pegging. With only a £150 investment in learning these skills, you will reap the rewards as you feel more confident about each aspect of play.

Mistress Workshops since 2011

My Social Media Marketing workshop sessions speaks for itself, as I have a total reach of 200K followers. I will be guided by what you want to know, and as your mentor forever you will be able to call on me to ask further questions...FOREVER!

Online coaching is available. Over the years I have instructed ladies in Norway, Morocco, Spain, Ireland and the USA, to name but a few. However, my in-person training is available from my central London play studio seven days a week, as well as the scheduled monthly group class. Next one March 16th 2024.

Mistress Mentor

Your mentor FOREVER

Once you have taken the Mistress Workshop there are opportunities for double domme filming with my slave. No charge for this. You get ALL the footage edited (or raw) for you to use on your content sites or social media. Use it at anytime.

Beginner or intermediates are welcome. Workshops designed and written by me over 12 years ago.

Whilst I don't list each aspect of my methodically-taught specialist classes, surface to say, I don't just tell you want to do, but have a structure to each workshop, and explain in depth what you need to know. I teach SAFETY first, sane and consensual play. With lots of tips, tricks and fun.

In conclusion, my rates for my two to three hour workshops are only £150, this is because I love teaching so much, and refuse to grossly profit from my fellow dommes. The sisterhood is real and I also dedicate a lot of my time to inviting and hosting a FREE drinks event. This is for strong powerful woman, three or four times a year, called Queen Bee Society; September 20th and November 22nd.

Here is my (see below) testimonial for your branding workshop:

"I don't have any marketing background. This field had always been obscur to me. When I decided to turn into a professional Dominatrix, it became clear I needed to learn how to make my brand strong. Miss Kim has crafted a high quality and concise Branding Workshop that makes marketing very accessible and appealing. Miss Kim's practical exercices and insights helped me work on my self-awarness and guided me through the creative brain storm that happens as soon as you start working on your brand. After a few hours, I left very confident and holding all the cards needed to precise, consolidate and proudly own my brand. Miss Lupa Mannara" 

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Important: the only way to book an appointment, or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim on: +44 7729 003220.

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