Shy Nervous Client

Maybe something is stopping you from booking your first session. I can help if you’re an introvert, or on the autism range, shy, nervous and/or socially awkward client.

During my teens I was the same, very shy. So I understand. Since then my confidence, eloquence, glamours style and spirit are evident. 

Shy, quiet, nervous, socially awkward clients AKA gentleman perverts are all welcome to approach me via a quick call to have a conversation me, and tell me what you are interested in.

Plan what you are going to say


These eight steps will help you:

One.  Check out my services first just to see if we are on the same page. There are things I don’t do…scat being one of them! So it's always worth checking. When you are making a booking make sure you ask me everything you want to know. Write a list.

Two.  Get to know my personality and interests in advance via my blogs, also Twitter/X and my Amazon Wish List. You can check out my monthly newsletters on here as a blog or subscribe to LoyalFans. Although following me on X is free. 

Three.  Trust me when I say I’ve done it all before, seen it, got the t-shirt, written the blog! Whether it’s roleplay, face-slapping, bondage, caning or kissing my boots, to name but a few. My presence over the last three decades and all my blogs makes me seem like you know me already know. 

Four. You can start by calling. You don't need to ask if it's OK to call, just call. No pressure to book. Just call and ask some questions. I’m always happy to speak to you during office hours 9am to 6/7pm. Just call 07729003220.

Five.  Happy to a meet you for a coffee in a location that is close to me also. It’s a steppingstone between calling and meeting in person for your first session. It is less daunting to meet in a café, and therefore socially easier. 

ix.  Still feeling unconfident, then let’s do afternoon tea. Much more opportunity for in-depth conversation. It's written a blog. The good thing is you don't have to pay for my time, just my tea.

Seven.  Bringing a gift is a great icebreaker, but not essential. You can send a gift via my Amazon Wish List instead of bringing it in-person. You can add a little note at the time of purchase, and we can take it from there.

Eight.  A calming, confidence boost are any of the following;

⭐️gym session

⭐️body massage

⭐️haircut and shave

⭐️hygienist/teeth cleaned

⭐️new undies and scent

⭐️Suited and booted

Expel that nervous energy and increase your confidence to make that call, or even if just turning up for the booking. 

Don't get in your own head about ☎️

Relaxed surrounding help, and my no-rush service is because, I love to meet new boys. Plus I can do whatever I like in my own private space. If you have time, afterwards we will have a conversation over a cup of tea.

In conclusion, I am an elegant, sensual, dominant and always discreet…an authentic kinky English rose….with rose coloured hair. You are welcome.

Nice and friendly on the end of the phone too!

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Miss Kim 💋

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