Corporal Punishment Caning

Caning with a rattan cane refers to a form of corporal punishment caning, or a method of creating woven furniture. However, let's focus on the former.

Never use a joke shop cane or a piece of garden bamboo. Buy a thin, flexible cane made of materials like rattan from a reputable dealer, if you want to take this seriously.

In the context of corporal punishment, caning with a rattan cane involves striking an individual on their bare or clothed buttocks, or hands with a cane made of rattan. It's a type of palm tree native to Southeast Asia. This method of punishment is known for its severity and has been used in various countries, including Singapore and Malaysia, as well as historically in British colonies. Caning has been used as a form of judicial punishment, educational discipline, and even as a means of maintaining military discipline.

Corporal Punishment Canes

Corporal Punishment Caning

In an educational settings, caning was once more common, especially in British-style schools and many enjoy this reenactment today even if they have not experience's nostalgic. It was used as a form of discipline for various infractions, such as tardiness, disobedience, or poor academic performance. The practice has been phased out in many countries due to changes in educational philosophies and human rights considerations...shame I say!

Roleplaying this: have your sub wait for punishment facing the wall like a naughty little boy.

Role-Play Scenario: Caning in a School Setting

Setting: The headmistresses's office in a prestigious boarding school in the United Kingdom, circa 1950.


  • Headmistress
  • Submissive/Masochist

Headmistress: (sternly) Young man, you have been caught cheating on your final exams. Do you have anything to say for yourself?

Sub: (nervously) Mistress, I know it was wrong, but I was so worried about failing and disappointing my family. I'm really sorry.

Headmistress: (sighs) I'm afraid your actions have consequences, and they must be dealt with appropriately. You will receive six strokes of the cane. SIX OF THE BEST. My best!

Sub: (pleading) Mistress, please, isn't there another way? I promise I won't do it again.

Headmistress: (firmly) I'm afraid not. Cheating is a serious offense, and it must be punished. Please pull your trousers down and bend over the chair.

Sub: (reluctantly) Yes, Mistress.

Headmistress: (picks up the cane) Ready, you better brace yourself?

Sub: (takes a deep breath) Yes, Mistress.

Headmistress: (administers the first stroke) Now count and say thank you for each stroke

Sub: (winces) Ow! One thank you Mistress

Headmistress: (administers the second stroke) COUNT!

Sub: (grimaces) That really hurts, two thank you Mistress

Headmistress: (administers the third stroke) Do you think I care?

Sub: (squirms) I'm sorry, Mistress. Please! Three thank you Mistress

Headmistress: (administers the fourth stroke)

Student: (tears welling up) I promise I'll never cheat again! Four thank you Mistress

Headmistress: (administers the fifth stroke) Shut up and count.

Sub: (starts to whimper) Five thank you Mistress

Headmistress: (administers the final stroke) Six and I'm done.

Sub: (sobs quietly) Thank you, six thank you Mistress.

Headmistress: (puts the cane away) I trust this will be a lesson well learned. You may go back to your dorm and reflect on your actions.

Sub: (wipes his eyes) Thank you, Mistress.

Headmistress: (nods) You're dismissed.

End of Role-Play

Please note that you can make up any fictional scenario for corporal punishment.

In military contexts, caning was sometimes used as a disciplinary measure for soldiers who committed offenses. This practice has also largely been discontinued in modern militaries.

It's worth noting that the use of corporal punishment, including caning, is a contentious issue. Critics argue that it can lead to physical harm and psychological trauma, and that it may not be an effective deterrent or method of rehabilitation. Supporters of caning, on the other hand, may argue that it can serve as a deterrent and a way to maintain discipline. Especially if they are a pervert.

Judicial Caning

Judicial caning is a form of corporal punishment that is administered as a result of a sentence imposed by a court of law. It involves striking an individual with a 'unyielding' cane, typically made of heavy rattan, that does not bend.

Recently I attended an event called The Night of The Pain, with the distinct mission to win the Annual Caning Competition. I picked a slave who could take a good beating. When I arrived he told me he's already taken the came from another Mistress. When we stepped up to the plate to take our performance turn, he was promptly disqualified! Broken skin was not allowed and as his arse looked like tenderised meat, I could not use him. A request went out to those assembled, to see if anyone would step forward for me. I got a taker, who pleaded "don't hurt me" 🤪 Anyway, I took second place in the completion and he was sent to the naughty step!

Other parts of the body for caning

Caning of the soles of the feet and hands should be done lighter, and with caution. You don't want to stop someone walking or using their hands at work. However, the cock has limited uses. Check hard limits.

In conclusion, the context of judicial punishment caning, has been part of the legal systems of several countries, particularly in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. For example, in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Brunei, caning is a form of punishment for certain offenses. The severity and number of strokes can vary depending on the offence and the jurisdiction.

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