Other Intimacies Book

Miss Kim Rub is featured in the debut art book, Other Intimacies by Anna Sampson, pre-sales are now open. The book will be officially launched in collaboration with The Hayward Gallery on July 4th, 2024.

Decided not to include my photos on here, hoping that you will decide to buy the book. Here are some of her cherished polaroids. Maybe after the launch I will add one here, and to this page also.

Other Intimacies Book

Published in a limited edition of 300, signed and numbered, and printed using lithography, her book Other Intimacies reflects on her commitment to portraiture, darkroom processes and platforming radical, and frequently othered, beauty.

Body of work that exhibits 101 uncensored artworks

This body of work exhibits 101 uncensored artworks, where 90% of these images are never-before-seen, yet I have also included a handful of my favourite images from the archives. All these images have been printed with love in the darkroom by Anna, alongside some of her most cherished polaroids, both old and new!


Manifesto opens the book, which shares her experiences and the cultural lineage of Other Intimacies in the current climate of agitated censorship. The book is then divided into three parts: Performance, Intimacy and Resistance, with written contributions from performer and founder of Four Chambers Vex Ashley, film director Max Disgrace, writer and curator Anastasiia Fedorova, and an Epilogue by performer Jay They Stallion.

"All of these iconic contributors"

Additionally, the book also includes an endorsement from Ajamu X, a British artist, curator, archivist and activist who is known for his iconic fine art photography that explores Black queerness - all of these iconic contributors have also modelled within the pages of the book!

One of her main goals has been to create images that promote inclusivity and representation

Given the historically exploitative nature associated with this art genre, I have made a conscious effort to collaborate with my models and involve them fully in the process of creating these images.

Additionally, she has ensured that my models and contributors are paid fairly, so that the space is celebratory. Also dedicated the majority of her earnings from the past few years into producing this book. This is why pre-orders are the best way to support an independent artist in this ever-precarious economic climate!


In conclusion, it's a piece fine art that is bold, intelligent and thought-provoking, and will stand the test of time.

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