UK Fetish Awards

If you have ever been a client, get in touch if you would like to go the UK Fetish Awards on Nov 6th, with my crew and I.

This year the UK Fetish Awards are at Eight Embankment (formerly Proud Cabaret) on November 6th. I didn't go last year, but fully intend on going this year, with an all-male sub/slave table.

The UK Fetish Awards was created to celebrate diversity in the world of kink, promoting everyone within the fetish industry and showcasing all brands by taking part. Either as a sponsor or a nominee for one of the 18 categories!

The UK Fetish Awards was created to celebrate diversity

UK Fetish Awards

Join in? Just go to the UK Fetish Awards site and nominate yourself...then ask your fans to vote for you. You have till September to do this. On October 1st voting starts and ends towards the end of the month. The most votes generated are the winners in each category! Once you are nominated you get a free entry ticket.

UK Fetish Awards

Plus it's a great way to promote yourself!

The first year 2020, was on the year the plague started, so the UK Fetish Awards night was online. I took second place. This was the only year, I have taken part as a nominee. No event in 2021.

UK Fetish Awards 2022

Two years ago in 2022, I went with Mistress Imogen Embers (above next to me), and then met Countess Dionysus (above) there, where we joined her table. We had a great night. Also met up with the very glamour Ava Van Rose (below).

UK Fetish Awards with Ava Van Rose

Much cheaper than some of the Fem Dom gatherings

In conclusion, it's a great night out. Much cheaper than some of the Fem Dom gatherings. A chance to meet people from the industry as a whole, and not just the Fem Dom community. Check out their categories to see the diversity of the night.

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