ElectraStim Electrics Collection

Tartarus is a new and exciting anal device, that has four distinct areas of stimulation, is now added to my ElectraStim electrics collection.

Interested in an electrics session in my central London E2 play studio available five days (more that often seven)?

Tartarus is new in the ElectraStim collection

ElectraStim electro sex are the leading brand of stimulators and electro sex toys on the market, designed to shock you! A remote control unit means one person can be in control or you can both (couples) enjoy this electrifying stimulation!

ElectraStim are my number one choice

ElectraStim Electrics Collection that I have contains; electro sex single unit starter kit by ElectraStim is only £149 (same price since 2018) and that includes; 4 x uni-polar ElectraPads, a bi-polar Silicone Noir Aura Probe (suitable for vaginal or anal use) and a pair of uni-polar ElectraLoops Cock Rings are included, making this multipack ideal for couples or men’s solo play.

Great place to start if you have no electrics. I have this kit and it's a handy travelling size!

Versatile! Therefore, this is the sort of thing you would end up using in lots of BDSM sessions, as it can be quite gentle and then you can turn it right up and it can be a little painful. Great starting point for newbies. Works well for all CBT. Very good for anal. Must never be used on the nipples.

Growing my electrics collection

Currently, I've got in my ElectraStim electrics collection with two control boxes; six anal toys (one not shown), red cock ring, three sounds (two silicon), two clamps, single pinwheel and a double (not shown), seven cock and ball loops, self adhesive pads and finally two finger sleeves that I use to deliver the most amazing electric wank!

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Therefore, if you are looking for a company that has great products look not further, their customer service is the best. They are always happy to help with questions. Or go to their Advice Guides like the one below.

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