Rich Executives High Flyers

Rich executives, high flyers and the powerful also enjoy a bit of kinky fun, but very rarely need training. I've found that those gentlemen whom have risen to their position in life are self starters.

According to what I have observed they need very little training, as they have the mentality of high achievers. Hard work, eduction and class. Obviously, I have certain requirements from this type of client, but rest assured I won't be talking to you like a naughty boy, unless specifically requested!

Executives high flyers are not just in stories

Whilst not submissive, we have Jamie Dornan, who played the infamous Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, lamenting that "there aren’t a million scripts lying around about millionaires who are into BDSM." On the other hand, we have the singer Fave, who boldly declares, "I love BDSM a lot."

So, while it's not a universal truth that millionaires are into BDSM, it's safe to say that some of them definitely enjoy a bit of power exchange play and spanking in their private lives. After all, who needs a yacht when you can have a well-equipped dungeon, am I right?

High flyers can literally but just that!

Without naming names, I know gentlemen in many of these areas. In fact, I'm flying with a dear man August. One of my boys has 13 cars. Another brokers yachts. Many with second homes in the sun (like myself). Recently was given three pieces of gold jewellery for my birthday this year. My boys are older gentleman perverts and have clear ideas about what they like, rather than needing to be trained.

Paris Photographer

Discretion is assured. I gain nothing from repeating details. However, much more to be experienced and enjoyed by privacy.

Informing you of my eloquence and elegance is nothing compared to my extensive history. Which of course, can't be faked!

Who doesn't love a rich executive?

Paris Photographer

Behaving with decorum in a five star restaurants are important skills to have. Having a designer outfit and quality accessories will go a long was to being taken to these places. Holding a conversation on a variety of subjects matches you up with the right client.

Terribly gauche, in my opinion, to have your fee/tributes listed on your website, which is why you must call me to discuss on +447729003220.

In conclusion, the answer to the question is as elusive as a billionaire's tax returns. But hey, at least we can all agree that a little bit of kinkiness never hurt anyone...unless you're into that sort of thing. And that can be arranged.

Rich Executives High Flyers
Paris Photographer

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