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Miss Kim Rub, is a professional domme, pro domme, dom, mistress, sessions are available from E2 London most days.

My love of hoods goes a little bit further than wearing them for over 20+ years or having an amazing collection of hand-made 'car tyre inner tube' hoods, that are on brackets on my wall.

I love BDSM hoods too. I consider 'HOODS' one of my specialities. My leather hood, with it's detachable mouth and eyes, is a real favourite. The smell is great. Intoxicating.

LOADS of rubber hoods. You name it; zips, inflatable, breathing tube, no eye holes, etc.

When you loose your senses, and perhaps are a little afraid and wondering what is going to happen, it heightens the experience. Add a little teasing with breath play (unrestrained) and your mind will expand!

Speciality hoods; re-breather,

Gasmasks are easy to slip on and off and make life easy when someone is laid down.

Head cages and masks too.

Then of course, there are all of the creative hoods you can make out of vet wrap, pair of panties, cling film, stockings or tights, joke-shop pig-head, bondage tape, etc

Here is one of my favourite hoods and photo by probably the best TOG in the UK - Rankin.

Latex by Breathless.

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