Queen Of Clubs

 The Queen of Clubs - me! My cheeky friends gave me the name a few years ago. I can't think why! Well, Catherine Howard (one of Henry VIII wives) was first. Actually, the only reason I know this is because of Ishmael Skyes, the font of all historical knowledge, has just informed me of the fact via email. Well, it got me thinking - what did she look like on the playing card?

I'm not only Miss Kim Rub, dominatrix, London Mistress, pro domme, but I've been known as the Queen Of Clubs for some time now. It all started when Dolenta at Breathless Latex Clothing made me this latex ensemble including hood. I love the playing card on the back and the insignia on the sleeve. The lady is an artist.

The lovely photos are by Dorabla Picerno.

Whenever I go looking for something on the internet I always get side tracked. Found this Queen of Club collectable doll. Also this great piece of information - Tart of the Week. This lovely Blog about afternoon tea...darling china. These are a few of my favourite things. Every Queen needs a crown. Always looking for a better one. Mail me if you find a better one than this.

Love these playing card designs. It's nice to work with a theme. Adopt an image statement for yourself. Think about it...who do you want to be known as?


The cover image is by Allen Jones. Queen of Clubs, 1979 Curator Daniel Brant says: "Allen Jones's high-art approach to low-market fetishism has made him one of Britain's best loved artists."
Brilliant article on artists and playing cards in The Guardian.

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