Mistress Preparations

As a professional dominatrix, a mistress, pro domme, I like to prepare for each session. Preparations ensure the smooth running of a session and the comfort of the client.

Myself, I take the greatest care with my appearance, expertly applying make up and choosing the right fetish outfit.

My play place are always clean and tidy.

Playing classical music or nothing at all.

I use aromatherapy oils so the room smells nice and fresh.

The lighting is sexy but allows me to see what I’m doing.

The temperature of the room is import and it’s balancing act. Getting it right for me, and you, my submissive.

There is a shower and lots of clean towels for you to use.

I clean the furniture and equipment with antiseptic wipes after each visitor.

Condoms are used on my all dildos.

Leather cleaner on my bondage items.

Sterilising fluid on my metal and plastic equipment.

Gloves may be wore when handling genitals, but not always. I find, if you play with sperm, blood, piss (and yuk shit), you owe it to yourself to play safe and clean.

I do not smoke and I drink very little, and only Pernod, Gin and Chartreuse, but never in session. No drugs!


I love it when I get a client who has very specific requests; long opera-length gloves, red lipstick, tights, the use of particular words, smoking (electronic), head scarfs…and that’s just the things they want from me! I encourage them to bring items that are tried and tested, stuff they love…it works!

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