Modern Day Renaissance Woman

I’m a modern day Renaissance woman.


1.    Life still has infinite choices - because so many things interest me.

2.   There are many ways I earn a living - love the idea of having multiple streams of income.

3.   Jack-of-all-trades - I’ve developed a level of mastery in many of my interest.

4.  I’ve never felt ashamed about not choosing just one thing - because I’m focused on all my interests.

5.   A natural multi-tasker - I love variety in work.

6.   I want the freedom of being self employed - freedom to choose which ‘long’ hours I work.

7    Love a challenge - it brings me an immense sense of satisfaction when completed

As a modern day renaissance woman, I feel, I don’t have to earn a living at all of all her interests to qualify.

Interests don’t have to be glamorous either.  It’s whatever makes your heart sing that matters. I love variety, however, I do appear to have a one-track mind! Especially in the area of fetish and BDSM. I thrive on the freedom and diversity of my work and play.

Being a renaissance woman, I love learning. I notice I adapt to change more easily than others.

Some people grow up knowing exactly what they want to do.  I fell into mine. I have since pursued it with a passion. The path has been exciting and fulfilling, embracing my renaissance personalities has made me incredibly happy. “The  joy I perceive when striving for my potential” - is incredibly powerful and the creativity brings me happiness.

My modern day Renaissance woman personality.

I am a writer, promoter and teacher. I have a career in the London fetish and BDSM scene; event organiser, make up artist, stylist, dominatrix and influencer.  I do these things for a living.  I do them for a life that I love.

Passionate about art, I have already purchase this limited edition print, just two days into 2018. Books are another passion and I try and remember to list them on this page as I finish them. Travelling features high in my life. First trip of the year is to Chateaux Demask for Steve English’s 60th Birthday party in January. Home improvements are on-going, and give me great joy, as I finish each project. Next for 2018 is patio decking and a pergola for my house in Spain. I love, love, love, with a passion;  clothes, hats, spectacles and accessories.

Modern Day Renaissance Woman - Iris Apvel

Modern Day Renaissance Woman - Iris Apvel

When I think about my ultimate Renaissance woman (and my favourite queen), I think about: Elizabeth I. She was a strong-minded ruler, but she was not stubborn. Elizabeth was gifted and she was able to become very intelligent. As queen she was willing to listen to good advice, and she was always devoted to England. Elizabeth I, had been raised in a separate household because her mother Mrs. Anne Boleyn was beheaded by her own father Henry Vll of England.

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I

What I love is to motivate, excite and provide a great level of service to the community.

Modern day Renaissance woman. Live. Work. Succeed.

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Miss Kim x

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