Daily Domination Text Sessions

Currently I do daily domination text sessions with a couple of my regular clients. We all enjoy it and I was thinking how this might benefit others, who would like that daily contact with a mistress.

Daily domination text sessions means you are fully immersed into BDSM, as this would be reflected in my daily commends.

No other Mistress is doing anything like this and it's always nice to have a USP (unique selling point), so I have a devised a programme that works on a monthly basis and can be paid for using an Amazon Gift Card.

It means we have daily 'domination text sessions' contact with each other via the telephone or email.

Daily Domination Text Sessions

Daily Domination Text Sessions

Reasons why this might be a great idea for you:

  • Stuck in a boring office
  • Work from home
  • Disabled
  • Single
  • No Mistress
  • Want to feel challenged
  • Crave BDSM and control
  • Living miles from anywhere

This would mean for a relatively small amount, you could say you have one of the top UK dominas, as your Mistress, with whom you have daily contact (Monday to Friday).

Do you think about it all day and every day anyway...let me focus your attentions.

Communication prior, via a phone call to 07729003220, means you get the texts that 'float-your-boat'. You can also ask about the cost 🙂

Daily Domination Text Sessions

Daily Domination Text Sessions

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Important: the only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by telephone: +44.7729 003220

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