London Mistress Style Fashionista

Style has been a long time passion of mine and that is not just clothes, but accessories, home decoration, and even things like jewellery. This London Mistress is a Style Fashionista!

My walk-in wardrobe has distinct sections; vintage is up high, as I don't go to that section very often. Some of it is from when I was 18- 25 years old, and doesn't fit.

Then there's the 'dressing up' AKA 'Mr Ben' section with the net petticoats, leather and some costumes, that I have gathered over the years, from having monthly themed nights at Club Rub.

London Mistress Style Fashionista

Coats and jacket is a large section, as I have quite a few fur coats, which take up a lot of room.

Tops and dresses is probably the biggest. I don't buy a lot of fashion items but tend to stick to classic shapes and looks. But no boring frumpy dresses in polyester!

Funny enough, I'm not big on shoes and bags. Although I have got some lovely designer pieces like Vivienne Westwood bags and Louboutins heels.

Then there are the basket drawers that house my undies, knitwear, shorts, nightwear, socks and hosiery etc. All in zip-lock plastic bags.

Check out some of the clothes I recently wore at my house Spain.

London Mistress Style Fashionista - Wide brim fedora

London Mistress Style Fashionista is not all about fetish related items.

Most my rubber is in drawers. Some of it is hanging but mainly it's bagged after it's washed and put away in the dark.

I have shallow drawers, that I display my jewellery. All my hats are on the shelves, at the top of the walls, and these shelves are all the way around the room. I must have 70+ hats. However, they are all worn appropriate to the outfit and/or event. Not just a random old lady hat worn with the wrong clothes!

London Mistress Style Fashionista

London Mistress Style Fashionista - Child of Jago Hat

Interior decoration also comes under London Mistress Style Fashionista.

My home is very stylish. I don't like repro furniture or granny decor. Of course, if you are talking about real antiques, then that is! Paintings of landscapes and faux flowers are hateful. I'm a Cancerian, so my home is very important to me. I'm quirky, so it's reflected in my attire and home too.

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