Rich E2 East Two London Mistress

Intentions for 2019; to be a rich E2 (East Two) London Mistress. However, I mean rich, in many ways.

On NYE I told a girlfriend my word for 2019 was 'rich', she then attacked me for what she perceived to be such a gauche statement. In fact, there are lots of things in life that make you rich and not merely the the trappings of what money can buy!

Sure, I meant financially rich, of course! "I'M ALREADY RICH". I also meant in knowledge, travel, spiritually, health and fitness etc.

Already a rich E2 (East Two) London Mistress, which means I can offer 'same day' sessions.

You are truly rich when you have organised your time so that you get some breathing space. That is my aim for this year. I want to take time, to be more truly present. To be in the moment and not spend time chasing a penny, when there are £'s in abundance.

To travel to new places and favourite old ones. This year is starting well with a trip to Scotland.

Enrichment comes from relationships too. I have met quite a few new friends at my Mistress Workshop and the Queen Bee Society drinks. Women who are not just acquaintances but dear friends now, who add something to my life. Women I want to be around and spend time with. I'm spending the day with my lifestyle Mistress friend Trinity Tudor, on a luxury yacht in a few weeks time. We are having a spa treatment and afternoon tea. Luxe!

Some valued clients too. In fact, some have become friends who I might travel with.

You're rich in life, with your oldest dearest friends, people you can always turn too and have fun with.  New Year eve was spend with my oldest friends. I have known the Original Miss Raven for 25+ years, her and I run a CP/Spanking party with Mistress Vanessa too.

Rich E2 East Two London Mistress

Rich E2 East Two London Mistress

Going to dining experiences like Divine Proportions, theatre, music gigs (saw Ennio Morricone in 2018), dinner, cinema, day trips (two stately homes in 2018), Airbnb overnights, seaside visits and museums (have already visited Tate Britain it's only Jan 3rd.).

Rich E2 East Two London Mistress

Rich E2 East Two London Mistress

Member of Audible means I listen to at least one book a month, sometimes listening to them repeatedly. Love Podcasts, especially Oprah Winfrey, Gretchen Rubin, Dr Phil and Tony Robins. They're what I listen to whilst walking to the Health Club Spa everyday. Knowledge makes me truly rich.

A friend of mine has a five person aeroplane. He has already invited me for another spin in the spring, which we do most years. He usually flies us to Northampton, where we have lunch, then we fly back.

Mistress Vanessa is a queen amongst mistresses and I'm blessed to know her. She also has a Twitter page if you would like to follow her.

Check out my social media on the HOME page and the BLOGS page. Follow me?

I have a Wish List if you would like to show appreciation for my blogging. Amazon money gift cards are most welcome.

The only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by telephone: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x

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