London Mistress Latex Care

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From the first moment I tried on rubber I was hooked, and personally I think I looked amazing, but of course, I had many questions about my newfound fetish.

Therefore, I had to acquaint myself with choosing, wearing, washing, and storing my rubber collection. This I didn't do in five minutes. I have been wearing rubber for nearly 30 years. I have my own dedicated rubber event Rubber Cult, so I know a thing or two!

Options for shopping are the same as any retail clothing outlet. However with the addition of taking my Latex Workshop, we have another option - make your own. First, thing to consider, are you are allergic to rubber/latex?  Don't wait to get you all excited and then find out you can't wear it!

London Mistress Latex Care

London Mistress Latex Care

Latex is like a second skin, which is how Skin Two got it's name! It feels unlike anything else. However, our skin naturally sweats and rubber doesn’t, so you can get very hot. However, it does depend on the ambient temperature in the room/outside and your own body temperature. If they are in alignment, then you will feel normal.

Never use talcum powder to put your latex on. Once it mixes with perspiration it comes milky and drips out sleeves, ankles and tops etc.  They use it in shops, as it's easier for them to clean up, than lube. Once you have purchased your garment in a store, never use it again. What is better, is a thin application of silicone-based lubricant that is made for the job, and never sex lubricant. I personally prefer beGloss lube, because it helps condition the latex, feels better, and lasts longer. Vivishine is great too. The blue watery liquid that you can buy in some places, is OK for talking grease and dust of a garment, but then so is water and soap.

Never use oil-based products like baby oil or massage oils on your latex. Just like latex condoms, rubber clothing too, deteriorates with oil. Using beGloss in the rinse water when you have washed your garment, will help tight spots glide onto your skin. Plus protect your skin a little, from from the latex, as it can chafe in certain areas. Your natural skins oils and sweat are acrid. So, always wash it after use.

London Mistress Latex Care

London Mistress Latex Care

Latex can last for many years, as I can testify, having some garments now for 20+ years. Treat it as you would any delicate clothing or fine lingerie/hosiery. Steal well clear of sharp objects. Rubber can easily tear, so make sure you remove any jewellery, buckles and some furniture. Be extra careful if you are leaving it on for sex, friction can damage it too. Of course, long nails can be an issue. I also suggest putting metal jewellery to one side, as light coloured latex can react badly, and discolour.

Now it's time to shine the outside of your outfit. Some people prefer to leave it au natural! That's personal preference. The spray lubricants that are sold are potentially cancerogenic (although the jury's out). The spray wastes a lot of expensive product and can turn a laminate or tiled floor into a ice skating rink. Plus it refuses to mop up if it gets on the floor.

As a specialist in rubber play - London Mistress Latex Care

After you’ve been clubbing in it, had sex, sat around the house or been to the supermarket in it, it's time to clean it. You can put it in the washing machine on a low temp, delicates setting, but my advise is to simply hand-wash it in a sink or bath tub with soapy water. Rinse well with a second lot of clean water. Typically at this stage I would add a very small quantity of beGloss or similar, allowing the liquid product to coat inside and out, then hang to dry. Another reason I lubricate at this stage is I don't have to use talc too pack the garment away, as otherwise it may stick tother if you use nothing. Using beGloss in the final rinse means it's ready to come off -the-hanger or out-of-the-bag, and go straight on the body, lubed and shined!

London Mistress Latex Care

London Mistress Latex Care

London Mistress Latex Care TIPS:

  • Light colours may stain quite easily.
  • Two way zippers are great for catsuits and leggings and they allow you to pee and have sex easier.
  • Dominating in latex look great but is hard work, choose looser stuff.
  • Struggling with the back zip? Use a lanyard for that extra helping hand.
  • Wear fabric sweatband (or the ankle part of cotton socks) to soak up sweet coming out o0f the wrists and ankles of tight garments
  • Don't store damp latex as it can can cause mould
  • Some people prefer to add lube at the time of dressing. Personal choice.
  • Some people prefer to store their latex on hangers ready to wear.
  • Others in Ziploc bags
  • Keep out of sunlight/UV light, which can cause white marks.
  • For long term storage you can lightly dust with talcum powder
  • Chlorinated latex is is an option for those who like a smoother and easier to wear, latex. However, it can be difficult to repair.
  • The Libidex sale is twice a year around Valentines and Halloween, and you can get amazing bargains. I wrote a Blog
London Mistress Latex Care

London Mistress Latex Care











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