Confidence and Self-Worth

Dominance can help with confidence and self worth, but it's really all about getting to know yourself

Being a dominant isn't just about learning a set of skills or being bossy. It's about having the right attitude and coming from a place of confidence and self worth. Otherwise it's going to be a long hard difficult journey.

Confidence and Self-Worth

Nowadays there is a stigma attached to paid domination. It's considered sex work. Lots of people have a negative option of that. Back in the day, it was considered an art form for those that knew, and you were just weird, for those that didn't. I still have the mindset that it is a very cerebral form of 'sexual' play, fully engaging all the brain cells.

Very proud of what I do. I think we should all stand in our own truth, and not let external influences have power over us. Confidence and Self-Worth!

Uncertain times means we have all had time to think about our choices in life. It's been a time for us all to realise that, we are all the same. A time when we are stripped of the superfluous choices we make. So, what are we are left with? Do we have adequate food and shelter? And how way do we pay for that!

In conclusion, mental health issues have risen. If possible, adopting a PMA, engage in learning, and making plans for the future. These things should not be underestimated .

Maybe we will all come out better, after this period of self reflection, with more confidence and self-worth

1. Relationships are about finding the right ones. Once you love yourself, then you dont have to worry about others loving you. The right relationships will emerge naturally. Pay attention to your inner voice, as it will tell you, how and if what you are investing in, is right for you. Use your instinct, if you think you are being 'targeted' or 'groomed' by the wrong people, distance yourself. You don't have to be're busy! Relationships are about compromise. However, there is compromise, and you're fucking annoying me, all the time!

Being in the right relationships give you confidence and self-worth

Confidence and Self Worth

2. Don't be influenced ther peoples opinions and judgements. Judge yourself. "To thine own self be true". Think about what this means. It’s my mantra in life. Know who you are and what you're like. Know that you're a good person. I’m my own tough task master. I set a very high standard, and no one else has to know what it is, as I’m on top of it. Pushing myself. Importantly, not forgetting to enjoying the process. The learning process.

Another quote I live by is, "What other people think of me, is none of my business".

Confidence and Self Worth

3. If you don't want to be judged by your PAST, or defined by it, you have to be great NOW. Not say you are working towards the future. Talks cheap, actions speak louder than words. The only person you should bring up your past with is, your therapist.

4. Limited beliefs you project on yourself. Don't do this to yourself, we are all capable of so much more.⠀There are many reasons we do this; protection, don't wont look so stupid, can't do it, 'the past', this excuse and that excuse!

Confidence and Self Worth

5. MONEY. The lure of it is so seductive. Don't let it be your God! There are other things to strive for that are equally as important, if not more. Inner peace, connections with like-minded people, family and friends. The joy of music, art, literature, nature, animals and travel. Being kind, caring and helping others.

Learning gives you confidence and self-worth

Therefore, what has amazed me about recent times, is my adaptability. I've learnt new things, worked on creative art projects, religiously exercised every day without fail, organised my whole home and taken time to listen to music, look at the arts and lost a few pounds in weight. I love being helpful and inspiring. If you need some help, message me.

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