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Just like me to be different! I turned the tables and I decided to interview one of the UK mistress directories. They reached out to me a couple of years ago, and actually called me on the phone. My questions to them were lengthy, however, I have shortened them on here.

London based Mistress Elite Directory is one of the top UK Mistress Directories

First I asked them where they were located?

We do believe that it's helped that we are based in Fulham. It was important for us to start our journey in London because we have been able to meet many of our clients over the years. Subsequently, many of our clients have become our close friends. In my experience, it seems that the majority of the Mistresses in the United Kingdom are concentrated in London. 

The Mistress Directory has grown over the past nine years. Although we started in London we have branched out to the rest of the United Kingdom, and now we also have a sister site in the USA.

Then I wondered how big they were?

We are a team of three people working full time from 9am until 5pm. Perhaps not so convenient when dealing with our lovely Mistresses across the pond. However, during the day we answer emails from our beautiful UK Mistresses and are constantly trying to make new connections and more importantly, help to promote the businesses of those Mistresses who choose to advertise with us.

Why did they start the directory seemed an obvious question?

The reason we began the directory is because my partner and I were living in Fulham, London with a 'switch'. In fact, we still live there. Our friend the 'switch' was at that time making the transition from a submissive to a dominatrix. Needless to say, I was intrigued and wanted to find out more.

Our friend invited us to meet friends of 'Mistress' and even participated in photo shoots, posing as a submissive. This was a real eye-opener for me and it was absolutely out of my comfort zone. It was the closest I came to experiencing what it is like for a real submissive. The people whom I met in the BDSM industry were absolutely lovely. I fell in love with the scene instantly.

What effect has the pandemic had on your business?

COVID-19 has affected the BDSM industry tremendously. There has been a huge decline in submissive slaves visiting Mistresses since March of last year. This has put a lot of pressure on UK and US Mistresses. Many professional Mistresses have understandably refused to see new clients!

Like many other people, there are Mistresses that have to earn income to support their families. They will choose to see clients. However, there seems to be a lack of new submissives to pay for BDSM services. As a direct knock on affect, Mistress Elite Directory has suffered greatly.

Why are you different?

We are website/SEO and promotional specialists. In 2011 it was clear that the existing Mistress websites at that time were old-fashioned, difficult to navigate and very few were mobile friendly. I'm afraid a lot of the Mistress websites in the UK still have these same issues.

Since 2012 Mistress Elite Directory has gone through several iterations of the website. Every time we upgraded we made substantial changes. This was to help submissives navigate so as to find Mistresses best able to provide the BDSM services they require.

Therefore, we can't forget our Mistresses. As the Internet moved on and websites became more interactive and mobile-friendly we introduced additional features. specifically, Mistresses are completely able to manage their own profiles on the go - should they wish to do so !

Mistresses are welcome to email, text, WhatsApp and of course CALL us. We are a friendly little group and love speaking to you to help achieve your promotional goals.

Long run is what we are here for. We want to help promote professional BDSM Mistresses. This is our mission and we love what we do.

Should mistresses go on all the UK Mistress Directories?

Daunting task we know, when having to take advertising into consideration. In our professional opinion it is crucial to advertise on as many Mistress Directories as possible. The UK is one of the countries in Europe which seems to be inundated with Mistress Directories. In fact there are 45 Mistress Directories offering advertising services.

Best piece of advice we can give is to take advantage of the promotional services each one. Take into consideration that the majority of these websites offer a free listing for a banner exchange on your website.

Fourty five websites is definitely a lot of websites to concentrate on, so our advice would be to focus on the top 20. These are:

  1. Mistresselite
  2. mistress-uk
  3. uk-mistress-directory
  4. uk-mistresses
  5. mistress-directory
  6. uk-mistress-directory
  7. londonmistressdirectory
  8. directorysinsearch
  9. eliteukmistresses
  10. 10. Kinky desires
  11. 11.ukmistresszone
  12. 12.mistressdirectorylondon
  13. 13.punterlink
  14. 14.mistress-in-london
  16. 16.mistress-directory
  17. 17.mistress-guide
  18. 18.sadistic-mistress
  20. 20.ukmistressguide

Wow! So kind of them to send us this list!

Any pet hates about mistresses?

We believe that Mistress Directories have the same pet hates as Mistresses have about their clients. Not very often - but sometimes – it has to be said - we do contact Mistresses who are rude. This is not acceptable. We completely understand that sometimes people have bad days. However, we are all in this BDSM boat together. We believe that we are all working towards the same goal and we should help each other to succeed in a pleasant manner.

Love love love a any?

Currently on Mistress Elite Directory we are offering free listings for every Mistress. All we ask in return is a banner on your website. The best paid promotional offer we have at the moment is a listing which gives you a prime position at the top of the website on the homepage and we promote your profile on social media channels including Twitter and Fetlife on a weekly basis. Additionally, we will offer you the option to fill out a questionnaire so we can get to know you a little bit better, create an article about you and promote you on our monthly newsletter. This offer is our VIP, 90 day package for £100.

Got any tips on UK Mistress Directories?

We at Mistress Elite Directory know how important web and social media is in general for promotion. It follows that this will expand and improve your business. We have a large blog section on our website. If you are tempted to write a blog for our website, we would be delighted to hear from you at Blogging is crucial along with social media. Social media channels like Twitter and Fetlife are a surefire way to guarantee a successful business in the BDSM industry. Miss Kim's interview below!

UK Mistress Directories

Anything to add?

It may be surprising for some to know, but Mistress Elite Directory is actually run by me, John and, my life partner Daniel. It may seem quite peculiar that a gay couple should decide to spend their lives helping and promoting professional Mistresses in the UK and USA. Daniel and I probably have the “kink” already built in as we are gay. Who knows. All we do know is that we love what we do. We are surrounded by beautiful and kind people every single day. We wouldn't change our profession for the world.

I asked are we all sex workers?

Whilst there is a clear and well-understood difference between an escort offering sexual intercourse and a professional mistress who offers BDSM services with no sexual intercourse, the lines can be blurred. The distinction, we believe, lays with the individual and how he or she portrays him or herself.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Based on the UK government’s guidelines and the international timeline estimates, when it comes to the ease of lockdown we believe that things will return to some kind of normality by August. It really is imperative that you grab the bull by the horns and begin to promote yourself. We are here to help. We are currently offering free profiles to every professional BDSM Mistress in the United Kingdom, Europe and USA. It costs nothing to do this. Our advice:  keep yourself one step ahead of the competition. As the old expression goes “the squeaky wheel gets the oil”. You need to make as much noise as possible. Get your name and imagery out there for clients to see you. It is the right time to start advertising with us now. We genuinely want to see you succeed! John & Daniel

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