London Mistress Intentions For 2022

My London mistress intentions for 2022, I have decided to call, the year of change (hopefully). 

Usually, my London mistress intentions for 2022 or you could call them - resolutions, can get folk get terribly upset and want to rebel. In fact, if you’re a rebel and have not had this confirmed, you can take this test by Gretchen Rubin and find out. I’m an Upholder which means I have a very very high chance of doing and completing my plans! I know, don’t you hate people like me.

What does it mean to be a Upholder?

Upholders readily meet both outer and inner expectations. Upholders are self-directed, meet deadlines, and manage commitments. They want to know what other people expect, but their own expectations are just as important and their freedom comes from discipline. They can seem rigid, inflexible, disapproving or judgmental.

Setting my London Mistress Intentions helps me plan for the future, positively change my life and improve, who wouldn’t want that?

Carry on with my daily gratitude and manifestations. Of course, you have to be doing stuff to manifest. You cant just sit of you arse, look up at the stars and wish things were better. One way you can start to making positive moves forward is you join me on my FREE Only Fans Mistress Workshop page.

Once this damn pandemic is over, I’m going to have a proper declutter. It’s very hard to know what is really serving you ATM. I’m going to be mindful what I buy moving forward. Famous last words!

Seasonal projects are a good idea, for example now it’s winter I’ve started doing Pilates everyday, even if it’s only a 10/15 minutes one! 

Get back to a simpler diet. Vegetables, fish, porridge, water and no alcohol and limited sugar. 

Intentions For 2022 include more personal stuff than business

More art and creative pursuits! Galleries, books, painting, creating, calligraphy and sewing. I purchased a sewing machine just before Christmas and need to get going on that.

Walks with friends (or alone). Fill up my thermos bottle and drink more water every day.

Travel again in the spring (hopefully). Planning to meet up with my sister at my house in Spain (she has lived in Spain for 35 years) at Easter.

Mistress Intentions For 2022 is to educate.

Health, wealth and PMA are my focus for 2022. I usually pick a word for going forward into each year. This year I choose EDUCATE.

Last year 2021 I didn't achieve as much as I did in 2020 but to say we have been amidst a pandemic, I dont do bad.

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