Working Mistress in 2021

Struggle was real for a mistress working in 2021

My default for life is always; 'the cup is half full', but I struggled a bit as a real-time working mistress in 2021.

Blogs are something I really enjoy writing, however this year I only wrote 30, which is 20 down on my usual number. Still, way more than most I might add.

New for 2021 was the introduction of the newsletter, which I managed to get 28 of these done. Love this format, as I can be really in the moment and just share a little bit more about my life, and what I'm up to. Obviously, not everything, as that would be far too boring.

Lockdown meant we could do nothing till the end of May, beginning of June. LITERALLY! I wanted to be super careful as my folks are very old and vulnerable. It was very important to me that the first oppportunity after I was fully vaccinated that I vistit them, which I did in early June. Needless to say we were all very thrilled and excited to see each other. Soon it became apparent that my mothers Dementia was progressing rapidly, then my father had a bad fall. Very, very stressful times. It took its toll on me...I never stress about anything...this I did! Three more trips over the summer and one in the autumn, certainly made up for not seeing them for 16 months.

A struggle, not just a mistress working in 2021, but anyone

Walking every morning, which I'd started in April 2020 was beginning to get boring. Over on my Instagram @kimclubrub I posted a photo of Tower Bridge every day until then. Then I stopped in June when everything opened up and I went to visit my folks. Soon to e replaced with yoga.

I also went on a six month spending spree on Depop and Vinted. Got some amazing clothing and accessory pieces that have now made friends in my wardrobes.

Started a new beauty regimen in January but by the end of the summer realised i'd over done it a bit. Who knew I had sensitive skin!? Still, I learnt a lot about skincare.

First time in 18 years I didn’t make it to my second home in Spain, not once during 2021. My sister lives in Spain, so she kept her eye on my villa.

Part of being a working mistress in 2021 was interviews

Did quite a few podcasts and interviews this year which can be seen in this blog.

Started a TiK Tok page with my darling Charlie Bouquet AKA Mistress Severin called @motherdaughteract

At last I got to visit my my old folks in June, July, August, September and November, up in the Skegness area.

One of the first things I did when we could all go out again was take Mistress Mika for afternoon tea at Caffe Concerto. Then she took me for cocktails at the beautiful L’Oscar Hotel.

Went to see the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at the V&A, then to Knot Churros for ice-cream with Charlie.

The shop next door to my place caught on fire, but the fire brigade had it under control. Phew!

Went to see three different lots of friends in their gardens this summer.

Life and being a mistress working in 2021

Read some Audible books Sharon Stone's autobiography and 101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think.

Went to my friends wedding and I was the witness. No reception but eight of us went for an outdoor pizza.

Had a few meals out; The Flight Club, Meat Liquor, Blues Kitchen, Bob Bob Richard, The Pavilion, Blacklock and Morito.

Got bought lots more leather gloves, perfume and gold…my three favourite things. Thank you boys (and girls).

Took over the Recording Studio after my neighbour died of Covid, which means I have a dedicated studio/dungeon the I can lock up and have separate.

Went to Manchester to see Mistress Raven and go to Club Lash.

Indulged in some Breathless Latex.

Met friends for coffee; Elaine, Neil and Krissy.  

Afternoon tea with Franceska at the Hilton and a dear slave at the Palm Court Sheraton Hotel. Another one of my boys took me to Cafe Concerto in Mayfair. 

Had three afternoon cocktail soirees with a small group of friends on my roof terrace.

Queen Bee Society drinks were held twice at the House of Magic and once in my playroom at festive afternoon tea.

Overnight at a friends Airbnb in Milldendene with my bff Frances.

Went to see Mid Summer Nights Dream at the Globe with Mr Brown. Matthew Bourne At Saddlers Wells with Frances and the cinema to see House of Gucci.

My brother came to stay with his lovely fiancé. We did a lot of walking around London.

Started an Amazon Influencer page packed with all the things I've purchased, or would like to.

Had a Halloween party for a very very small group at my home. More importantly we all got dressed up at pirates.

Choral music event at St. Bartholomew The Great Church with Mr Brown.

Train to Manchester to lunch with a client at the Grand Pacific, then he drove me to Liverpool and I stayed a few nights with Mistress Karina,

Christmas film of mistress working in 2021

My annual Christmas viral currently stands at 14K 

Successfully completed my target of vlogging every day of Miss Kim Mass Advent December 2021. 

New hall carpet and freshly painted the walls too...only took 26 years, and the death of my neighbour to get it done.

Very successful new t-girls party. Already got the next one planned for Feb 15th.

Almost weekly filming for my OnlyFans page.

Shoot with Mistress Karina and content-filming days in my studio with Mistress Melia and Mistress Mika.

Continued support on has let me afford many new clothes, skincare and a brand new sewing machine.

Many new clients, but more importantly great relationships reinforced with my regular boys. 

Nearly forgot started a new page on OnlyFans for my Mistress Workshop which is FREE to all ladies (no boys).

mistress 2021

mistress 2021

Gosh, I didn’t think I’d done much this year…it appears I have!

The highlights have been, seeing my old folks after 16 months, reconnecting with my dear friend Elaine and building stronger relationships with valued people in my life. 

In conclusion, all the photos that go with these events, plus the precise dates are on my Instagram profiles; KimClubRub and Miss.KimRub (but only recent events as this profile as the original profile got removed).

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