Shot Content in Her Studio

Testimonial: Having known Miss Kim through mutual  friends for some years now (our first meeting being at a kink event) I, Roo Morgue was delighted to receive an invite to stay with her, both to attend her fabulous Queen Bee party and shot content in her beautiful studio.

Miss Kim is a warm and generous host, making my stay infinitely pleasant and comfortable, which having travelled down from Manchester was very much appreciated. I was also fortunate enough to receive an abundance of helpful advice regarding domination and social media management, all of which I've studiously noted down and have been employing every day since my visit. 

Shot content in her beautiful studio

Shoot Content in Beautiful Studio
Mistress Roo Morgue

While I've worked in the adult industry for nine years, I've only been a dominatrix for five, and while blessed to have received mentorship from old friends on the Manchester scene there is still much to learn and grow from, which is the greatest lesson this line of work has imparted upon me.

Miss Kim is a professional through and through; being deeply invested and enamoured with the scene her hard work and respect for domination is a joy to experience.

Easily accessible via transport links, Miss Kim's studio is simple to find, is beautifully laid out and well stocked with every tool and implement you can possibly conceive of. Kim's eye for aesthetics lends a quality to the space that makes it stand out in comparison to other dungeons I have used, being well lit, exceptionally tidy, and marked with Kim's signature eye for style.

“Used her studio to shoot a set of photographs for social media use”

Mistress Roo Morgue

Not got much imagery of myself in fetish wear surrounded by suitable equipment, which was lacking on my web presence. Due to having such a busy life I cannot always stop to take pictures in the moment. Miss Kim graciously stepped in as photographer and director, her understanding of posing, lighting, props, and concept keeping me inspired throughout the session.

Therefore, she has exceptionally strong grasp of what looks flattering in an image. Paying attention to subtleties that are often missed by those who might not understand the vulnerability of having to put one's best self forward online for work purposes. I was delighted by practically every shot, and particularly enjoyed Kim's idea to include boomerangs as part of our shoot. I personally would never have thought of shooting them.

Miss Kim shot content of me in her studio

Overall I was highly satisfied with the day and now have an abundance of content to share on my social media profiles thanks to Miss Kim's hard work. Studio hire costs £200 for eight hours, meaning it is hugely affordable, and great value with all that is included in session. I give it my strongest recommendation, particularly to London residents who may be nervous of expensive studio costs.

Loved the Queen Bee Society drinks and meeting the ladies

As a final note I'd like to sing the praises of the Queen Bee Society party, which was held in a beautiful hotel bar location, giving the event an air of absolute luxury. The staff were helpful and pleasant, and my particular commendations go to the musicians, who played an Amy Winehouse song for me at my request! 

In conclusion, the event itself was lovely and a breath of fresh air for myself, having not been to London for an event in some time I wasn't sure what to expect, although I went in with a positive mindset. As it turns out I had a wonderful time, making so many connections and friendships I hope to continue on my next visit to the London area.

Miss Kim gave each domme a little card and a trinket upon entry, which I thought was a very nice touch. It created the feeling of truly being part of a society. Community is something I think is sometimes missing in the femdom world. Particularly with the rise of online work, which creates a sense of distance and lack of connection.

Fabulous to see it first hand, Miss Kim's efforts in holding these social events and bringing ladies together.

Grateful for my time at the event, and staying with a friend and colleague I have so much admiration for. Thanks again Kim for a wonderful stay.

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Important: the only way to book an appointment or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim by calling on: +44.7729 003220

Miss Kim x

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