Successful Enema Process

What Is An Enema? The easiest and simplest way to clean the insides of your bum before strap-on (pegging) play is by using an enema bulb, which can be purchase on Amazon. It can also be done with a gravity-fed water bottle and similar. This is by far the simplest and easiest way to do a successful enema process.

Successful Enema Process

Enema Bulb: First of all make sure you do not buy a vaginal douche, which has a very narrow thin pipe. An enema bulb pipe size is similar to a fat finger and nearly twice as long. Unscrew to top off the bulb and add a pea-size drop of Castile soap which has no additives, preservatives or colourants. Fill with lukewarm water. Never hot or cold. When the bulb is filled, replace the pipe and keep upright. Now let's start a successful enema process.

Lube Anus: Lube up both the spout of the enema bulb and the anus. Use water based lube, not oil based. Vaseline works too.

Insert: Relax, then gently push the spout into your anus. Stop pushing further if it hurts at any time. 

Squeeze: Stand on a towel, in shower or bath to catch dribbles. Grab the bulb quite firmly and squeeze it fairly hard, as this forces the water into the anus. Once it’s all squeezed into the anus, remove the spout, but clench whilst doing this. That will stop additional water leakage.

Hold: Clench to hold that water in. If this is your first time it ma feel strange. Sit on the loo and hold it in for around 3-5 minutes, but obviously release if it becomes too uncomfortable.

Enema Water Bottle

Release: Sit on the toilet and let it all out. Or in the shower or bath if you have previously had a poo that day. The shower or bath are best if it’s your first time and you are messy.

Repeat: Just keep repeating the process until the water comes out clear. Just do this as many times as necessary, expect around 2-3 times water runs clear.

A successful enema gets the party started

Clean: A wet flannel is best to clean up the outside, or stay in the shower and rinse.

Successful Enema Process

Food: It stands to reason, whatever you eat has to come out! So the night before don’t have a meaty curry! A light snack for breakfast too! Fruit is good but not a full english!  It will certainly make your pegging session a lot more pleasurable.

Other Shit: If you are a little overweight then its important you relax when you are passing the water and wait for anything that has gone in deep and will need a total relaxation of the body to fully evacuate. Dont wait till you are going to get pegged to do this for the first time. Practice makes perfect. Enemas have no adverse effects. Please note if you use the shower pipe straight into your anus…go very slow and use very little at a time!

In conclusion, there are a few different tools and processes, for getting the final result...clean inside and out!

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