February Queen Newsletter

Royal Realm Lifestyle 2024 February QUEEN Newsletter is about the previous month, rather than the next one!

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⭐️ Workshops and Events 

⭐️ Media Interviews and LoyalFans

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⭐️ Me, Myself and I - February QUEEN Newsletter

February went in a flash, but not before I hade done the following; Another photoshoot with Miss Gold for our book about my career.

Birthday lunch with my dear old friends at Mercury French restaurant in Islington. Started a new cleaner but he wasn't up to scratch! Still looking. Regular visit to the Blues Kitchen in Shoreditch for supper after a session with a favourite boy.

Exfoliating massage at my Rena spa, then on the way home popped into Shoreditch spa are had an impromptu Elemis facial. Long latex session, then supper at Basque restaurant Sagardi in Shoreditch.

Amazing ladies at my Mistress Workshop, as well as a fun Needle Play Workshop. My dear friend Paris came over for cocktails at my bar.

Dublin trip to see my mistress friends Imogen Embers and Mistress Scarlett. Had some amazing Japanese food whilst there. Also brunch with my Dublin driver. Came back to lots of session and workshops.

Wonderful day out with my bestie Frances; lunch at Megans at Battersea Power Station, the Clipper on the Thames to the Tate Modern, walked to Borough Market and had oysters, then a glass of wine in London's oldest Inn The George in Borough.

Got invited to the opening of Shoreditch Mews. Back up north to see my father for five days, with Sunday lunch at The View on the coast. Back to loads of sessions. Supper at Bob Bob Ricard with Alana my favourite TV. To finish off the month, a day of filming with Goddess Aphrodite (below).

February QUEEN Newsletter

⭐️ PMA

February QUEEN

⭐️ Workshops and Events

Rubber Cult on April 13th and September 28th. These tickets are now on sale on Rubber-Cult.com

Mistress Workshops on March 16th, April 6th, May 4th, June 8th

Queen Bee Society drinks FREE on April 12th, September 20th and November 22nd.

⭐️ Media Interviews and LoyalFans

Media page and Loyal Fans content site.

⭐️ Amazon Influencer

Amazon Store. Each month I add to my product lists. This month I've added a beautiful metal powder compact in my Essential Beauty edit. And it's pretty and inexpensive.

QUEEN Newsletter

⭐️ Blogs

One: Paris Trip

Two: January Newsletter/Blog

Three: Dublin Trip

Four: Dublin Clients to London

Five: East London Pegging

Six: Unique BDSM Linktree

⭐️ Mistress of the Month for February QUEEN Newsletter

This month I have spent a lot of time with Goddess Aphrodite. Naturally dominant and a pleasure to be with.

⭐️ Favourite Things

Art has been on my mind predominantly this month. Been on YouTube watching 'Fake or Real' about lost works of art. Addicted. Going to the National Portrait Gallery in March.

“How do I define myself? As an entrepreneur. In particular, facilitating people to have a good time, for over three and a half decades"

Love from Miss Kim Rub 💋

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Finally, that will not deter me for writing it each month. I enjoy doing it. I find it therapeutic and enjoyable.

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