Alpha Mistress Service Domme

Mistresses fall into a few categories, but basically the majority fall into two, with many variables. Are you looking for an alpha mistress or a service top domme?

Meaning that an alpha mistress domme personality likes it her way, and the service top will cater to the wants, needs and desires of the client. Most of us are a bit of both, in varying different degrees. Not withstanding nanny/nurturing, medical, femdom, findomme, etc etc.

The list of mistress types goes on and on

Service top with alpha tendencies is how I would describe myself. More than happy to cater to the wants, need and desires of my clients, so long as it BDSM related. I enjoy most aspects of BDSM, so it's easy to cater.

Outside of the play space I have the traits of an alpha woman; one who has accomplished significant success in all the major realms of her life. Who operates from a place of power and authority. A strong alpha woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t like to depend on anybody to make her dreams come true. Making decisions based on experience rather than emotions. Most are usually emotionally intelligent. However, an arrogant alpha type is insecure and fearful.

" arrogant alpha type is insecure and fearful"

Alpha Mistress Service Domme
Alpha Mistress Service Domme

Alphas actions appear effortless, whilst the opposite is true. Hard work is how you get to that status. Whenever I go swimming early every morning, my friends are all surprised. “Wow, you go every day!” they say. “Where do you find the motivation?” they ask. “Wouldn’t you rather stay in bed for a bit longer?” Honestly, it doesn’t feel like a struggle. It’s become something I look forward to, because it’s a habit and one of the most effortless parts of my day. I simply slip into my shoes, and go. When I return home I've walked an hour and swam for 30 minutes. That’s it. It’s funny when you think about it. Our misguided thoughts (and laziness) make life harder than it is. But we forget that we also have the power to do the opposite.

Balance, knowing when to take a break or when you should put in some extra effort in work to succeed. After all, it’s the balance that makes actions seem effortless.

Positivity in your attitude indicates your natural confidence and this confidence makes people to follow you. Your confidence comes from your skills and talents, and doesn’t come from vain arrogance. Confidence makes you calm. If you know how to treat others with respect without compromising your own, this shows you are an alpha woman.

Alpha mistress knows best

Rarely defensive or frustrated by criticism. Because she knows her worth and that she has the final word. It's what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Characteristics of a strong alpha woman is straight talking, never exaggerating or bullying. Calling spade a spade without hurting someone's feelings or putting others down. People who can see your honesty will develop an admiration for the same.

Competing is internal, trying to be a better version of herself each day. Hence, she doesn’t compare her life, or is jealous of others. Usually the least insecure even when surrounded by people more successful than her. Neither judging others, but comfortable and happy with her life.

Intimidating alpha or service top

In conclusion, I enjoy being intimidating or bossy (if you like), a strong alpha female, who can lead and take charge of her own life. I'm very giving too. I enjoy that. I see it, not as a sign of weakness, but of strength.

If you just concentrate on money in this profession you have missed the wider picture! I always aim to be a winner.

Finally, neither one is better than the other. We are all a combination of the two. Choose wisely.

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