Fetish Attire

Fetish attire is at the heart of my love of the fetish/BDSM scene.

As a dominatrix, pro domme, London E2 mistress, I have lots of fetish attire, for example latex and it's a big passion of mine. I have run Rubber Cult for five years now.

List of 'some' of my fetish wardrobe.

Catsuits in latex and velvet

Uniforms; Navy, Military, School, pirate, 50's pin up

Smart Blouses & Skirts

Sexy and Stern Nurse Uniform

Fetish Attire

Fetish Attire

Mortar Board & Gown

Lace Blouses

Lycra Dresses

Gloves; leather and fabric in many colours are a particular favourite

Riding Jackets and Jodhpurs

Many many Hats

Seamed Hosiery


Scarfs; silk square



Fetish Attire

Fetish Attire



Extensive Shoe Collection



My fetish attire wardrobe is expanding all the time.

I've always considered myself a BDSM arts practitioner and not a sex worker. I do not have penetrative sex, and I'm certainly not a worker! A true artist as I take time to work out the session, paying particular attention, not only to the needs of my client, but also my own.

It's a much for cerebral endeavour, than that of the fine profession of prostitution. Not much thought is needed in escorting. However, I don't know where I would begin to explain the complexities of BDSM play, that by which the pro domme engages. Read some of my blogs to find out. This is not a shady comment, just factual.

You can also see more of me via my clips site: OnlyFans

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