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Royal Realm Lifestyle 2024 March QUEEN Newsletter is about the previous month, rather than the next one!

Good day darlings, table of contents:

⭐️ Me, Myself and I


💝 Workshops and Events 

✅ Media Interviews and LoyalFans

💖 Amazon Influencer

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⭐️ Me, Myself and I - March QUEEN Newsletter

March was packed with trips, but not before I had had a monthly Mistress Workshop, lots of 1-2-1 and specialist workshops.

Cocktails with my darling friend Mika Katana at Radio Rooftop in the Aldwych. Had a week off just to potter around my home and get odd jobs done.

My darling friend Matt Skully came around for cocktails - literally.

Resident House Mistress at Tim Woodward's Sunday afternoon fem domme event. Next one on April 21st. Doing the same thing for my dear friend Mistress Tess at her new event in Sandy, Bedfordshire called Gynarchy Gathering on April 26th.

Took my dear slave to lunch at Babel restaurant in Brick Lane as a house warming present (he doesn't need stuff).

Supper at an excellent Spanish restaurant in Columbia Road with my sissy slut Julia, after she'd made my client happy.

Recorded a podcast with Sugar Houston for What Would Kim Do? on my own! My tech guy was sick. Coming soon!

Epic trip to Paris to stay with my favourite girl Lupa Mannara. Three parties, four restaurants (one paid for by her slave), cemetary visit and lots of chatting long into the night. I had an amazing time.

Finished the month off with a trip to Skegness to see my father for Easter 🐣🐰

⭐️ PMA

⭐️ Workshops and Events

Rubber Cult on April 13th and September 28th. These tickets are now on sale on

Monthly group Mistress Workshops on May 4th and June 8th. However, 1-2-1 and specialist workshops seven days a week.

Queen Bee Society drinks FREE on April 12th, September 20th and November 22nd. FREE

⭐️ Media Interviews and LoyalFans

Media page and Loyal Fans content site.

⭐️ Amazon Influencer

Amazon Store. Each month I add to my product lists. This month Germicidal Ozone Light Bulb.  This bulb is used for room sterilisation and deodoriser, AKA disinfects the house. Just don't been in the room with it, or look at it!

⭐️ Blogs

One: Mistress Mentor Workshops

Two: February Newsletter/Blog

Three: BDSM Content Filming

Four: Sissies AKA Sluts

Five: London Play Party Four Dommes

⭐️ Mistress of the Month for March QUEEN Newsletter

This month I have seen my dear friend Mistress Inanna Justice again whilst in Paris. I went to her fun play event Fetish Saloon. Read all about her Fem Dom France event. This woman has skills. Seen below with the Latex Baroness from NYC, now residing in South Beaujolais.

⭐️ Favourite Things

Dancing! When I get the chance to let loose...I go for it. I used to Lindy Hop, Ceroc and belly dance.

“How do I define myself? As an entrepreneur. In particular, facilitating people to have a good time, for over three and a half decades"

Love from Miss Kim Rub 💋

In conclusion, for March QUEEN newsletter

...using an external service for newsletters has resulted in both Revvue and Tiny Letter closing down. I still have the database of emails but if my email: is not is your contacts list, it will go straight in your spam and you won't see it each month.

Finally, that will not deter me for writing it each month. I enjoy doing it. I find it therapeutic and enjoyable.

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