Off Limits

Off limits for now. But who know what may go on, and come off, the 'Off Limits' list.

Personally, as a mistress, pro domme, dominatrix, I am unable to cover these follow aspects that are Off Limits to me. Please don't asked for them or turn up intoxicated.

Here are my categories that are Off Limits:

NO Scat/Hard Sports

NO Adult Baby

NO Intimate Body Worship

NO naked or topless sessions

NO wrestling

NO blow jobs or sex

NO drugs

NO drunks

NO smoking

There are always going to be things that are Off Limits!

Off Limits

Off Limits

I do not know and ladies, mistresses, dommes, dominatrix in London or other parts of the UK, that will allow drugs or intoxication during a session.

If you would like me to suggest various mistresses up and down the country for the other subjects, then I can do that.

I'm very well respected as the matriarch, a nurturer, BDSM educator on the scene and would give you the best possible advice.

Definition of matriarch: a woman who rules or dominates a family, group or trie.

Nurture(verb) help develop, help grow. Especially with my Mistress Workshop.

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Miss Kim x

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