Scammers Fake Profiles

Scammers fake profiles recently targeted a lifestyle Mistress friend of mine.

This mistress had her photos stolen from her Instagram profile and used by a scammer on a  ‘BDSM contacts’ site in a fake profile. The person using them was trying to con money out of guys - period, and by whenever means. These scammers assume these poor guys and gals won't go to the cops because they’re perverts! To be honest there is little the police can do anyway.

They’re deliberately out to deceive and take folks money and offer nothing in return. At least in a Findomme situation you know you’re getting nothing. Or there are those that think there is easy, and plentiful, money to be made in selling pair of socks or panties. When they’ve never worn them and are not female!

Newly created profiles of Scammers Fake Profiles don’t have history.

Simply check! Some profiles have only been up a matter of hours. Look and see if they know anyone you know. Look for signs of aggressive targeting - lots of friends requests in a short space of time.

My suggestion is, if you are worried about this, why not write a BLOG on your website and list all the social sites you are on. If anyone see your photos, or name, on a dodgy  profile, they can always check your list before letting you know. It happens to well-known professionals and the less known too. So, don’t think it won’t happen to you.

Scammers Fake Profiles  can target any one or all of your media.

Social Media Lists & Sites:

Websites: Club-RUB RubberCult MistressWorkshop Hood-Lovers

Twitter: MissKimRub KimClubRUB RubberKinkQueen RubberCult ClubRUBWorkshops LatexWorkshop

Instagram: MissKimRub KimClubRUB RubberKinkQueen RubberCult

Facebook: ClubRUBWorkshops Hoodlovers ClubRUB RubberCult LatexWokshop 

BLOG: QueenofClubs

Fetlife: MissKimRub

Clients. there are simple steps to take not to get caught out. Only use the  hyperlinks (above) provided on the professional dommes official site. That way you know they are her work.

Think about how much work it takes maintaining these sites. You don’t want someone stealing it. All professional dommes will have a telephone number listed on the site. If they don’t, it should set off alarm bells. Call the Mistress with the number from her site if worried. Or email the address on the OFFICIAL site.

Scammers Fake Profiles

Scammers Fake Profiles

Occasionally Google yourself or add variations of your name into the Twitter search.

You can watermark your photos, however Scammers fake profiles usually just crop these out.

Clients, beware of lifestyle Mistresses (ones without a website) on social media offering you a deal because she’s not a pro. All you know about her is her Fetlife name, that’s not going to get your anywhere!

Equally fellow dommes, don’t let guys pay you via Paypal. Paypal will take your money and close your account - no sexworkers allowed on there.

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