Mistress Audio Updates

New for 2019 are my Mistress Audio Updates. The first one covers January and February. How fast has that gone?

Simply press the play button below to listen to my first Mistress Audio Updates

Mistress Audio Updates - Jan & Feb
Mistress Audio Updates - March
Mistress Audio Updates

Mistress Audio Updates are going to be updated monthly

Colours of the rainbow. I have a wonderfully colourful life, so I thought I would share some of my experiences with you. It's my intention to add these Mistress Audio Updates at regular intervals, so that you can see what I get up to.

Mistress Audio Updates
Mistress Audio Updates

Interestingly, if anyone is interested in an audio session (telephone), I can tailor it to your needs and it's a lot more affordable than coming to see me in person.

Want to request what I feature in my Mistress Audio Updates?

Not all of my mistress audio updates will be about what I have been up too. Some will be stories, others about aspects of BDSM, all sorts of things...and you can make a request too. Just email me via my contact page.

Mistress Audio Updates

Looking for power? The voice is a powerful tool and perhaps you are auditory led? Some people are aroused by the voice and a whisper can touch your very soul. Don't believe it? Read this about my AMSR/BDSM sessions.

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