Fetish Scene Contributor

Now in my 31st year, for many of those years I have been a major fetish scene contributor.

I've mentioned it before, but ambition has never played a leading role in the story of my fetish career. More like meaningful contribution. Doing a good job. Providing for the community, of which I'm a huge part.

For the first half, I didn't even realise I was a major fetish scene contributor.

We all have a bit of a fixation on being the best, striving for greatness, aiming for the top! Spend too much time in this pursuit and you might forget to enjoy your life. Leadership is not about titles, positions or telling folks what to do; it is about one life influencing another.

I was just earning a living. There were occasions I earnt good money but it could have been better. It certainly didn't correlate with my achievements. It didn't matter. I stopped to smell the flowers!

Achievements: I won an Erotic Oscar at the Sexual Freedom Awards for the Best Club in 2007 for Club RUB and another from the German Fetish Ball Weekend for the Best New Start Up for Rubber Cult. I've been interviewed for every magazine. This month August 2019 i'm interviewed in Massad Magazine. Been on LBC radio and a Podcast called Masocast. My history.

Fetish Scene Contributor
Fetish Scene Contributor

Considered, never hurried. I've always thought that the journey is everything. Sometimes life feels like a roller coster, it's hard to enjoy the ride as life speeds along. Take the time to celebrate small achievements, and how you contributed to the greater good. It's not always about being the leader but a supporting role as a team player can bring joy and self satisfaction.

How do you apply the art of contribution to your own life? I've been a fetish scene contributor over a very long period!

Live in the now. Small wins are right in front of you. I've just written this blog - WIN! Your life doesn't have to be totally focused on achievement. Are you kind to your friends and family? Do charitable acts? Do you go out of your way to help folks? Contributions to others in life, make you a winner. They are classified as achievements.

Fetish Scene Contributor
Fetish Scene Contributor

Many of my acts as a fetish scene contributor have been small.

Join in. Contribute. However small. The choice is yours.

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