UK Fetish Archive

Join me for my talk at the Institute of S&M Studies (ISMS) on Sunday March 8th for the UK Fetish Archive.

ISMS is working in conjunction with Bishopsgate Institute in Liverpool Street, London. Club Rub was the first scene heavyweight to be archived in the library. They are documenting and providing open access to the history of fetish, kink and BDSM in the UK. The on-going project by ISMS is to record, for prosperity, key individuals who have played a major part in the fetish/BDSM scene over the last 30/35 years, longer if they can find anyone older!

Covering the history of my two fetish monthly clubs Rubber Nipple Club and Club Rub, I will be talking from 2pm alone with other things one the agenda, in this which is Episode 3. I will also cover my current profession - a London mistress - pro domme.

It's free and if you have a real internet in the BDSM fetish scene you will find it beneficial to know something about the history of the scene. I

This is the second time I will have done a talk for the UK Fetish Archive this year. However, this time for ISMS.

Mentioning Rubber Cult at the end as it's still in operation as an annual event.

UK Fetish Archive

UK Fetish Archive

Without the ISMS documenting the UK fetish scene, all the interesting facts would be lost forever. It's important to archive now!

Therefore, you will find us in the library at the Bishopsgate Institute, 230 Bishopsgate, London, EC2M 4QH · (020) 7392 9200 at 2pm.

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