Mistress With Style And Attitude

If you are a Mistress with style and attitude, then you are ageless.

"No one is young after forty, but a mistress can be irresistible at any age". Coco Chanel said something along those lines, however it probably didn't include the word Mistress! A mistress like myself, with style and attitude, is unique.

Having reached the age I am, I now buy senior citizen tickets! However, I live life in the fast lane. And to the fullest. Maturity makes everything pleasurable and easy. I have the genes to live a great many years. Being a baby boomer means I'm a rising demographic. I will not retire. Ageing with attitude is what I believe in.

Mistress With Style And Attitude
Mistress With Style And Attitude

Cosmetic surgery is something I have never done, nor ever will (🤞🏻). I am lucky as, along with those longevity genes, my mother gave me good skin and looks, and an OK figure. The only thing that needs to be perfect is style and attitude. Tick ✅

This industry is somewhat based on looks, but not largely...phew! I prefer the holistic approach, and think about the inside first...mind and healthy body. Feeding my soul with a positive mental attitude. For me, it's about knowing myself (to thine own self be true), common sense (not so common) and joie de vivre. And of course, being comfortable in ones own skin is key.

Style And Attitude

An option for me will never be to dress poorly or comfortably, as is testiment in my Outfit Of The Day on my Youtube. I'm a fetishist. Lots of leather and rubber for sessions.

Approach to life is multifaceted! Rituals, fun activities, fine turning (maybe a higher neckline) and reinvention (change that outdated make up and hairstyle). It's 'smoke and mirrors', rather than the drastic under-the-knife!

What are your Mistress style signatures?

Favouring hats, I have 71 for my one, single, solitary head. However, the one I'm most known for is my Muir cap. The signature element of my brand. In fact, I think I have started a bit of a trend. Thank goodness mine is a vintage one-of-a-kind Muir hat.

Not a shoe/footwear girl at all, however, I do insist on real fetish shoes. It's all about the angle of the foot inside the shoe. It's definitely about fetish and not fashion.

Timeless kink is dressing with style

Mistress With Style

As I get older, I love leather more and more. I think I loved latex when I was a club promoter. Now I'm a Mistress I find leather has a lot more power, and the visual is arresting. I don't understand people who don't like clothes, as Mistress Severin and I recently discussed. We are cut from the same cloth as style and fetishistic dressing sets the scene for us.

Your hair shows your attitude to ageing. Choose a style you can modify slightly. It's a fact that hair is the first thing that you notice. For me, it's always been long (versatile) and a great colour; starting with natural red, natural strawberry blond, natural white, and now 'wash-in, wash-out' pink.

Class, style and brand come from having a clear understanding of 'your' brand...to know thy self...inside and out. I favour femininity. Jewellery helps me feel pretty and luxurious. Not too much flesh out, that has been around too long.

Clothes are about communication and everyone that sees them. I'm a fetishist. There is a message in my choice of fetishistic garb. Style is a way of life and knows no age. Elegance is in the mind, class is natural. In a sea of mediocrity, I feel like a sartorially elegant Mistress.

Of course, elegance is not something you tell people you are! However, you show them through, actions, education, demeanour, kindness, wise words, culture, arts etc. It's not merely a case of holding a glass of Champagne with gel nails, and telling people you have class, then doing something vulgar on social media!

In conclusion, what i have realised over the years is, nothing is more valuable than your reputation. What you say, and who you are, will be there forever!

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