Word For 2023 is Community

Each year I pick a new focus, new projects and the word for 2023 is community.

Past words have included Rich, Great and Educate, this year I want to give back more. My new project is my podcast called 'What Would Kim Do?' The January 2023 one is nearly finished and I hope to make it live very soon, on all the usual platforms.

Name choosing for this podcast was easy, as my dear friend Mistress Inka wrote a song about me in 2022, by the same name. Her band is called Scorpio Leisure and she is the singer and writer. So very flattered to be the subject of something so creative, I just had to use the name of the track.

What would Kim do? She'd start a podcast

Each month I will find a different member of the diverse and creative fetish, BDSM, kink community to interview. I want this to be about their voice and life and let them talk to their hearts content. Everyone knows about me. Still, it's early days and it may change and evolve, just like we all do.

Queen Bee Society Community

My FREE Queen Bee Society drinks has been going for about four years now, and hundreds of ladies have attended. I know this as I'm on my last few plastic cards that I ordered two hundred of. Note to self: order more!

Last year we had the first Queen Bee Society - Dublin Chapter and this year there is going to be a New York City Chapter and Queen Layla approached me to start one. Happy for any ladies, anywhere in the world, to start their own chapter.

Valkyrie Veda co-host

Taking the Queen Bee Community Worldwide

During the days of the plague when it was hard to find a bar, I opened up my studio to some QBS events like afternoon tea and mini workshops, non-profit making events, just cost covering. I have plans to do another one workshop this year but the main emphasis will be on the drinks gatherings which will always be free.

Queen community drinks dates coming soon

We have always has the drinks events at Shoreditch Courthouse Hotel and will remain there unless they have a private event in the bar.

Words create action!

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