London E2 Dungeon Mirrors

Amazing, now I can say that my play space is finally finished. There was something missing from my London E2 dungeon - mirrors!

Portable was an absolute must for me as I'm always moving everything around in my space. It's not only my private dungeon, but I also rent it out for content filming days. This way I'm able to tailor the equipment and look of the room to the wants needs and desires of the model/content maker.

Clients were the main reason I invested in two free standing Portable Mirrors from a UK based company based in Wolverhampton, that delivered them unpackaged and ready to go. It's nice to see what's going on in session, and as I can move these to any position, clients don't miss a trick.

E2 dungeon - mirrors

Loving my portable dungeon mirrors

Mirrors are powder-coated, which is nice. They're also huge, and to be fair, much bigger than I expected (yes I did measure). Heavy too, but that's good as they won't get knocked over. All the wheels have got foot-operated locks on them. The back of the mirrors and plain which has make me think I could hang some pictures, paint them white or wallpaper them. An alternative use! They do sell double-sided mirrors but that seemed pointless for my use. Broken or cracked mirrors can be replaced by them for £200. Another plus!

Actually, they're for dance studios, but of course, if you have another propose, they are for you. I chose the single-sided portable mirrors at £450 each (discounted £100 currently).

Perfect for my London E2 dungeon

Built to last is definitely their selling point. They are not so much portable, at 193cm tall 125cm wide, but really well-made and heavy! If I don't need to use the two of them, I can tightly stack them together, as they don't dismantle.

London dungeon mirrors!

Lastly, there was an option of white powder-coating but as most of my dungeon furniture is black, that was my choice. Oh I forgot, free delivery. I hate it when that gets added at the end and bumped the price right up. Tax deductible too!

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Mirrors for training, was what I needed them for!

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