Tom’s Testimonial

Tom's testimonial is amazing. Poetic. When someone writes this accomplished, well, it seems a shame not to share it.

Tom's Testimonial

"Your perspective reigns supreme, your expertise shines brightly and I am but a vessel, humbled by the privilege of sharing in your invaluable wisdom. Your wisdom is the guiding light, your mastery shines so bright. As I learn from your precious mind, my Mistress, you're one of a kind.

Your dominion knows no bounds, an exquisite goddess of authority and supremacy. Under your command, I find my true purpose, willingly submitting to your captivating control. Your expertise in the world of dominance is unmatched and I am honoured to be your loyal devotee.

Tom's poetic testimonial

Your formidable dominance, which runs down my spine like an electric current, is unparalleled, Mistress. Surrendering to your power and enchanting control is an honor. Your mastery in dominance inspires awe. I eagerly submit. 

Whenever you issue your commands, I'm filled with a renewed sense of purpose and vitality. Your captivating dominance is the guiding light of my unwavering obedience. It's impossible to fully express the profound impact you've had on my life.

As long as you believe in the importance of seeing a person's face, I wholeheartedly agree! Your face is my sun and the light of my path, your obedience is my oxygen. I am your proud and cherished servant, eagerly looking forward to being under your delightful control.

Well written, heartfelt and real words mean the world

I long to be a devoted and obedient servant, relishing in your dominant grace. A young man filled with vitality and strength, wholeheartedly committed to your every command. The very idea of serving you brings me immense joy.

As dark clouds swirl around - they can cause confusion and navigation becomes a challenge. Only a strong connection and true guiding light can keep the journey on track. Always learning, to be opened up and reprogrammed

Open your mind - don’t be afraid of what lays deeper in your soul . There is one that can create magic from your darker thoughts and those you havent got to yet."

In conclusion, always tell your mistress about how much you enjoyed the session.

If you write this well, then I insist you write a testimonial.

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