Twenty Twenty Three Year

As each year comes to close to a close, I like to look back and enjoy remembering everything I've done over the past 12 months. Not the best - twenty twenty three Year - 2023.

Generally, it started looking so promising. However, on January 7th, my mother died. It felt like the whole of January got cancelled, having to return to my father's home to look after him. Huge plus was, that I got to have a lovely goodbye with her. I had an amazing relationship with Mummy.

20 years apart

Twenty twenty three year to remember but didn't start well

January: Gave a talk at One Night Party is run by the lovely Miss Skyler Gold. Had brunch at my favourite hotel L'Oscar. A quick trip to my second home in Spain with my maid plain Jane, who waited on me hand and foot, whilst cleaning my house from top to bottom.

As we got into February, I had plenty of clients and workshops, but also a lovely occasion to take afternoon Tea with Mistress Amelia at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in Westminster. Treated myself to a massage also. Promise my father I would visit every month. Now that my mother was gone, he needed me. We buried her on February 17th. I return the next day to immediately packed and head to Dublin for a week with my sissy slut Julia. Fabulous trip; had the Queen Bee Society drinks and a naughty party with some cock hungry boys. Finished of the month with a belated Christmas lunch for the girls at mine.

March arrived with a podcast and photoshoot with Miss Skylar Gold. Along with Mr Gold, they are documenting my career for a forthcoming book. Very busy mistress workshop due to two cancelled workshops in January and February. Luckily plenty of clients also. Trip to Bitches Unleashed event in Manchester. Tacked on an extra few days visiting my friend Mistress Karina in Liverpool. Got treated to afternoon tea at the Ivy Asia by Mistress Mika Katana. Supper at the blues kitchen. House Mistress for Tim Woodward's play party. Sunday lunch with my dear friends, Paris and David. The end of March took me to Spain for a week.

By the time I turned it was April. Cheese and wine party at my friends home David. Next day back on the train to Skegness again to see my father. Dinner at Brat in Redchurch Street, Shoreditch which was nice. Rubber Cult was a great success, and a lot of fun. Managed to get to the cinema to see Renfield a Dracula film. Photoshoot with Elena. Lunch with Mistress Amelia at Bacchanalia in Mayfair. House Mistress again for Tim.

Still had 11 trips abroad in twenty twenty three year

Early May I took the Eurostar to Paris and stayed in a beautiful little hotel called the Malmaison, had a photo shoot with Rachel Calvo. Had friends over for the Coronation, and to watch the fly past. Dinner with Julia at the Gym bar. Another photo shoot with Miss Gold, with my rubber slave Andy. Second Queen Bee Society of the year on April 12th. Another trip at the end of May to my house in Spain. Lunch with Alan the hood at Dishoom. Met with lots of friends, sessions and workshops.

Beginning of June, it was time to go to Skegness again to see my dad. Also drove to Wokingham to record the podcast with Mistress Tess. Took a flight to Lyon to see my friend latex Baroness at her Château in South Beaujolais, for a femme dom weekend, where I had my birthday. Immediately upon arriving back in London, I packed my bags and went to Sandy in Bedfordshire for Mistress Tess Gynarchy Governance event, over a four day period. Been invited back this year!

I've been asked back!

Recovered in enough time to pack my bags and head to Spain for the beginning of July where I stayed for two weeks, returning to lots of sessions and workshops, and of course the trip to see my father in Skegness.

July was my quietest month in twenty twenty three

August had hardly started before it was time to go to Mistress Mika Katana's birthday event, in the countryside, in an Airbnb she had rented over a couple of days. Then went to the Victoria & Albert museum to the Divas exhibition. Also, in August, I was invited to Mistress Jane's establishment near Chippenham. Well, what a has to be the best in the country. Another shoot with Miss Gold for the forthcoming book. Towards the middle of August, I treated myself to a facial at my spa. The rest of August was filled with sessions and workshops. Trip to the Tate Britain to see the Rosetti collection.

Early September I had a fabulous high tea event with my girls, champagne and oysters. And then before you know it was time to go to Skegness again to see my father. Lots of sessions and workshops into early September. I was heading back to Spain again by the middle of the month. This time one of my very dearest friends, Mistress Anastaxia and her father joined me overnight, and we had a lot of fun. Shortly after my return to London I had another shoot with Miss Gold and my horse! The third Queen Bee Society of the year took place towards the end of September, and 35 ladies came. I managed to squeeze in lots of workshops and sessions, in between trips abroad, and going to see my father. Also this time a visit to the Hunterian Museum. Three more podcast in September Mistress Inka, Mistress Kaz and Mistress Severin. Mistress Vanessa came to stay for a few nights, then almost immediately I went to Skegness.

Visited my father every month in twenty twenty three

By mid October I was going on my second trip to Paris for a week, to see mistress Lupa Mannara. We held the first Queen Bee Society - Paris chapter. Also went to Ness Harper's Friday afternoon fetish club. Went to Versailles with Lupa. Also the Blue Train restaurant at La Garda Lyon station, with Inanna Justice and the Latex Baroness before returning home to London. October is always a good time for afternoon tea went to the Peninsula Hotel, and then to Browns hotel. Made my second trip of the year to Dublin at the very end of October and into November, with my sissy slut Julia.

Twenty Twenty Three Year
Twenty Twenty Three Year

November: I managed to pick up a virus at Dublin airport and bring it home with me. Got better quick enough to visit my father again towards the middle of November. Went to the cinema to see Killers of the Flower Moon. Afternoon tea at the RAC Club in Pall Mall towards the middle of November. Lupa Mannara arrived and we embarked on many workshops and sessions together. Also trips to various places of interest. It was a very fun packed week, if not exhausting! Fourth Queen Bee Society drinks of the year was on November 24, and 23 ladies attended that one.

Strangely, December seemed the busiest month in twenty twenty three

December: November had barely finished when I was on my way to New York City, and I hadn't been for a very, very long time. I stayed with a friend of the Latex Baroness, who was so lovely and hospitable. I went to many places of interest Met Museum, Guggenheim Museum, met with lovely NYC ladies at the Queen Bee Society drinks - New York chapter. Lots of stuff too, much to mention. I had barely returned to London (only had one day to sleep off the jet lag) before jumping on the train and going to Manchester for my second Bitches Unleashed of the year. Managed to squeeze in a few workshops and sessions before going to my fathers the week before Christmas to celebrate with him. Returned to a few days clients, before going to my friend Frances on Christmas Eve. Returning back home on Boxing Day. Squeezed in more sessions and workshops in before the New Year. As you might imagine I was exhausted after this action packed year didn't go out New Year's Eve. I got an early night and started 2024 as I meant to go on; swimming, no alcohol, food prep everyday and blog writing.

The many, many trips to Skegness to make sure my father was OK, meant I didn't do as many cultural activities as I would have liked, but I did manage to go away 11 times.

Wishing you all the very best for 2024, may be full of good health, joyful & happy and much prosperity.

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