Mistress School of Domination

My name is Miss Kim Rub, and I've been active as a BDSM fetish educator since 2011, that's 13 years. My mistress workshop is a school of domination.

Group workshop on June 22nd in central Shoreditch/Hoxton London E2 for only £200 for five hours with a glass of bubbly upon arrival. Tickets. Once the deposit is paid, follow the instructions.

That's not just my mistress workshop that I've been teaching online and in person from my studio in central London E to Shoreditch/Hoxton, but specialist workshops in the areas of wax play, anal, play and pegging, impact play CP, needle play, cock and ball, play/torture, CBT, bondage, social media, marketing, and my value for money, health and safety workshop and only £50. All the rest are £150 only for 2+ hours. In fact I don't nearer to 3 hours. All of these can be conducted any day of the week from 11 am onwards. I don't work nights. 

Mistress Workshop School

First of all, who am I? And what makes me an expert?

Active on the London fetish scene for three and a half decades, yes 35 years. During that time I've amassed a wealth of knowledge, and I love nothing more than sharing it with you.

Passionate about working out new workshops, to add to my already existing nine. I also relish meeting new ladies and enjoy teaching, as it brings me so much joy in life. Most importantly, sharing my wisdom and my unique way of teaching and many skills.

Don’t just Take my word for it, read my blogs on here. Read my history, visit my websites etc: MissKimlinktree.com. You will soon get an idea that I'm a fully paid-up member of this community, not just somebody wishing to make some extra money. I have a real passion for this. I feel like it's a community service, rather than a moneymaking venture. Testimonials.

Why not Google me, Miss Kim Rub?! I also teach a social media marketing workshop which is why my total social media reach is 200K.

So why me, why am I different? There are lots of ladies out there that are offering the occasional workshop on various different subjects like; medical or whip skills. However, my workshops are all encompassing, especially the basic mistress workshop, which is five hours. During that time I'll give you all the skills you need to start your BDSM journey. There is only one mistress workshop, that is the one run by me, Miss Kim Rub, and my history speaks for itself. Beware of learning from someone that has been around for a very short time. Aspects of my workshops get reproduced, hear it from the original teacher.

School of Domination

Talking in practical plain English, my workshop helps you navigate the endless options; different types of mistress you can be, and the plethora of BDSM practices you may wish to offer. At no point ever, telling you how to dominate someone rather, informing you of the endless ways that this can be achieved. 

Passion for BDSM keeps you relevant

Up-to-date and knowledgeable, I am the gateway to this profession, or pastime, or passion. In fact, once the workshop is taken, I will forever be your mentor. You will be able to ask me any questions, at any time. I get as much from this as you do. Obviously, within reason!

Tremendously interesting to me!

Who is this workshop for? Many people think it's only for pro dommes, you'd be surprised to know that 80% of the ladies that come for a class are home uses or lifestyle mistresses. Only a very small percentage of ladies go on to become a professional dominatrix. Not realising that there is a lot of work that goes on. To this profession and it's incredibly skilled and nuanced.

In conclusion, the skills and details are the same whether you are pro or lifestyle. I cater to the requirements of ALL woman.

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Important: the only way to book an appointment, or to ask questions is to call Miss Kim on: +44 7729 003220.

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Miss Kim 💋

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