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Royal Realm Lifestyle is my monthly QUEEN Newsletter for 2024 May Edition. It's about the previous month, rather than the next one!

Good day darlings, table of contents:

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⭐️ Me, Myself and I - May QUEEN Newsletter

Started and finished the month seeing my father in Skegness! Twice in one month, as June is very busy for me!

May QUEEN Newsletter

Back to London and immediately into a very successful group Mistress Workshop, with some wonderful ladies.

Busy the rest of the month with clients, workshops, restaurants and seeing my darling Lupa twice...once at the Bishopsgate Institute looking at the Club RUB archive. Then for Margaritas at the Roof top bar to watch the sun go down, and then on to a basement bar called TT Liquor, both in Shoreditch.

May QUEEN Newsletter

House Domme at Tim Woodward’s Chardmore Society play event, one block from my place.

Queen newsletter is worth revisiting every month

Amazingly was interviewed for a student from NYC who works in the audio department at MOMA. She is doing a Masters Degree, so interviewed me about the fetish scene.

Went to the British Museum with my trusty slave Mr Brown. Spend our time in the Japan and Korea exhibits, then went for ramen at Japanese restaurant Uzumaki.

Dinner at my besties home; David and Paris, lunch at The Bear in Kennington with Simon Drake, cocktails with one of my boys at the RAC Club in Pall Mall (took my swimsuit and had a swim too), and podcast at mine Princess Kaz & Mistress Sophie.

Treated my darling Madam Esmeralda to afternoon tea onboard the Sunborn Yacht (floating hotel) moored in Royal Victoria Docks.

May QUEEN Newsletter

Wrapped up thew month going to Pedestal with a load of my Mistress Workshop ladies, now in its new home Electowerks in Islington. 

⭐️ PMA

May Edition

⭐️ Workshops and Events

Next Rubber Cult on September 28th. These tickets are now on sale on

Monthly group Mistress Workshops on June 22nd. However, 1-2-1 and specialist workshops seven days a week.

Queen Bee Society drinks FREE on September 20th and November 22nd.

Resident House Mistress at Tim Woodward's Sunday afternoon fem domme event. Next one on June 2nd.

⭐️ Media Interviews and LoyalFans

Media page and Loyal Fans content site.

⭐️ Amazon Influencer

Amazon Store. Each month I add some purchases to my product lists. This month in Essential Glam I've added Arpege by Lavin. This is one of Marilyn Monroe's favourite perfumes. A client bought me Joy by Jean Patou, another of her scents.

⭐️ Blogs

One: Bondage Loving Domme

Two: Keep Your Head

Three: Mistress School

⭐️ Mistress of the Month for May QUEEN Newsletter

Mistress of the Month is friendly Mistress Joy. Profile on X.

Royal Realm QUEEN Newsletter

⭐️ Favourite Things

Outdoor drinking and dining, in particular I love it on my roof terrace. Recently I've weeded my pots, added new plants, moved things around, bought covers for the furniture and a new power washer for watering (added to my Amazon Home list).

“How do I define myself? As an entrepreneur. In particular, facilitating people to have a good time, for over three and a half decades"

Love from Miss Kim Rub 💋

In conclusion, the May QUEEN newsletter is monthly

...using an external service for newsletters has resulted in both Revvue and Tiny Letter closing down. I still have the database of emails but if my email: is not is your contacts list, it will go straight in your spam and you won't see it each month.

Finally, that will not deter me for writing it each month. I enjoy doing it. I find it therapeutic and enjoyable.

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