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There are many ways you can find me Miss Kim, dominatrix, pro domme, mistress London. Follow me and check out what I’m into, get a feel of what type of Mistress I am and follow my musings.

My website is certainly not definitive, but stylish and too the point. I think my reputation preceeds me. There you will find some of my Twitter feed, Instagram feed and Pinterest too.

Twitter works so well for dommes and subs alike.  Daily comments and essential information, with a sprinkling of photos.

Fetlife engulfs me, it's just about everything I do in the fetish and BDSM community. Truly one of my favourite places to hang out, as it gives me the options to entertain and be entertained. It’s fun, informative, educational, ridicules and surprising. I love it.

Instagram I love, as I take LOTS of photos. I was going to make my New Years Resolution: take a photo every day but then I realised that I already do that…in triplicate.

Blogger by Google is my choice. Writing a BLOG is a for more in depth musings. It takes some thought. However, I’ve been writing for myself and others for many years. So this kind of comes easy to me. Just need a little more time.

Wish-list Please treat me?

My Pinterest board is in it's early development.

 No Facebook page as it’s such a lottery that it will stay up and not get taken down.

I’ve written the Club RUB newsletter for nearly 20 years. Kim’s Kinky Tips have been one of the key features. I used to include book reviews until they became few and far between. Want to subscribe?

I wrote for Marquis magazine for 14 years under the pen name of Fanny Gaslight.

Occasionally I write for

Check out my social media on the HOME page and the BLOGS page. Follow me?

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Miss Kim x

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