There are some gentlemen I know I will only see once or you once in a while. However,  I like to build a relationship and this can only be done with regular visits. Coming back again and again will build up a fantastic rapore. Special things happen when you establish that bond. Mistress and slaves relationships are very intense and rewarding. You will find yourself looking forward to their visits much more. You find yourself spoiling them with additional session time or your personal time. Telling them some of the personal things about your life.
Clock watching is such a turn off. I will also put effort into staying in contact via a silly text, a Tweet or an email. Want too become a favoured slave and do such things as day trips, going to the theatre or restaurants? Not forgetting the occasional shopping trip. I love being spoilt.

So why not invest on a deeper level than you might have thought possible. It has to be said, I’m not looking for a personal slave but someone that understands the transactional nature of the business. It’s my job.

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