Year Of Domination

Quite possibly the best year of my life, and I put it all down to being a Year Of Domination.

It's only since I have changed the direction of my work and career path, that I have seen amazing changes, and all for the better.

Not just my financial, change of circumstance, but my state of mind (infinitely more rewarding), holidays, both homes, relationships, closings, openings etc etc.

I feel reborn as a woman, more in control and more beautiful then ever. Strange really but it's totally true. My relationships with friends are stronger and new relationships with fellow dommes and clients are rewarding.

Do I miss club promoting? No, but I do miss Rubber Cult. Where am I to go now for a decent night out?

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

The year 2018 started well. In early January we went on a road trip to France to the Chateaux of Steve English, as he had a party weekend to celebrate his 65 birthday. I also went again in August for the annual rubber gathering.

Been to see my folks five times this year. They are in very good health. Which is remarkable as they are both 81. I'm blessed to have them.

My club promoting career has dominated the fetish scene for 23 years, but now it was time to bring it to a close - Year Of Domination.

Three amazing Rubber Cults, which is why it was so much easier to close it down this year, after six years. Read the story.

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

Organised and ran a fabulous week-long party in a Scottish mansion, with 20+ darling friends and clients. Cementing my friendship with the very creative Mistress Inka. The snow came down the last days and trapped us for two more decadent days.

Visited my friends for a couple of days in Charlbury, Cotswolds, only to find it was a farewell visit, as they were moving to Singapore.

Lots of art this year; gallery visits to see the work of TOG Peter Ashworth, purchases of limited edition prints like Chris Guest.

Intentions of running Club RUB - Annual Rubber Awards as a yearly event didn't happen thankfully, I decided not to carry on with that. Finally putting it to rest 21 years later.

Met my darling Dometria. Our relationship was too short. She was the friend I'd wished for. A woman I could look up to. R.I.P. sweet Koulla. She died on August 3rd 2018.

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

Started the Queen Bee Society. It was not about making money out of my fellow dommes but bringing them together in celebration of strong powerful woman. Networking. Sisterhood.

A total of six weeks spent at my house in Spain over five trips. I feel joyful and content when I'm there. My home decoration has a British colonial feel to it. It's usually a very quiet area, with my own pool.

Year Of Dominations' proudest moment was when I was archived in a library.

Proudest moment of my life took place in May, at the launch of the Club RUB archive, at the Bishopsgate Institute. #lifegoals My career will forever be recorded in a library archive. Some 500 years into the future, folks will be reading about me. First time they had a dolly visit the library!

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

Fetish club promoter for 23 years. Now I'm a prodomme. I have no intention of starting another event...however, it's in my DNA, so who knows!

Lost weight!!! 14 pounds to be precise. I do lots of walking and new for me is swimming every day!

Parties; Scotland, France, Kent, ManchesterBirmingham Bizarre Bazar, Pedestal (I did a couple of workshops) and London Sanctum club.

Year Of Domination - is about taking control.

Made myself a member of a Spa Health Club early December 2018. Luxury, treatments and exercise.

Just had my very first VIRAL film on Twitter, with 42K views, 200+ retweets and 2K ❤️'s. See Year Of Domination Christmas film.

Misc: Hen Parties, Stately home visits x 2, clairvoyant, the Globe theatre, Robert Cray, Ennio Morricone, LP, Rumplestilskin, lots of restaurants and bars, afternoon tea x 4 and comedy shows. One wedding. Twelve group Mistress Workshops, with many more one-to-ones!

Nearly forgot to add this, I found god. Please don't think that word has anything to do with religious doctrine. I'm not into that. However, as I was walking through the streets off New North Road in the summer, it came to me in a flash..."Oh my gosh, I believe in god". I can't pinpoint what god is, but it's not a man. It's nature, positivity, love etc.

On one occasion I was to dress up as HRH The Queen (I'm a great MUA) and sat on a throne at the Ally Pally.

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

Main reason for calling this year, the best year of my life - Year Of Domination, as I'm getting very close to paying off my mortgage now. #lifegoals

Now the year is behind me. I look forward to 2019 with eager anticipation.

Year Of Domination

Year Of Domination

Main Photo by Dazza. Photo of Dometria and I, by PKK Photography.

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