Libidex Hoods My Collection

Wore my first rubber hood 25 years ago. It was the first of the Libidex Hoods in My Collection.

Long time lover of Libidex hoods in my collection. There has been one in there for over 25 years. Some bought at their bi-annual sales.

Helen Saffery made my first latex hood, as she was the founder of Libidex. Libidex have come a long way since she sold the business to super-creative and business mogul Simon Rose. It was made in one of the thinest weights of sheet rubber that you can buy. And I have still not mastered how to use it. God knows how she did. It was a black nine-panel lace-up back. It really was like a second skin. I hated the lacing. #justsaying

Libidex Red Nine-Panel

Since then I have acquired a hood in virtually every colour and fabric, including leather, lycra and mesh. However, my favourite will always be latex. Every gal should have a red Libidex one (see above). Oh and a pink one too!

Libidex Hoods - My Collection includes many colours.

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Candy Pink Hood

My hood collection started with hoods for myself only, then over the years I acquired hoods for play partners, and more recently my clients.

In my recent Libidex hoods haul I got eight brand new hoods. Each one different. A couple of them I intend to add my own modifications. Like rebreather face and or bag. Detachable blindfold. Breathplay options.


A faceless hood allows you to add goggles, eye masks, gags and rebreathers, to name just a few! Semi trans hoods always look a it pervy!

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Semi Trans

Hood where the face pops-off are ideal for prolonged sessions. That way you can give them a breather half way through.

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Pop-off Face

One of my favourites is the three pipe hood. See here how I have pegged one of the pipes...thus restricting the flow of air.

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Libidex Hoods My Collection - Breathing pipes

Latex hoods are a huge fetish of mine. The latest one from Libidex is this front-face Hawk mask.

My newest in my  Libidex Hoods My Collection

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Libidex Hoods My Collection

Bag him up literally, in this extreme head bag hood.

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Libidex Hoods My Collection

Pepperpot eyes and matching mouth and ears! This allow the minimum viewing and breathing option. However, hearing is so much better due to the ear holes.

Libidex Hoods My Collection
Libidex Hoods My Collection

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