What Is A Fetish

What is a fetish? The word fetish had a distinct meaning 30 years ago, it meant "an habitual erotic response, to an in animate object".

Nowadays, it seems to be used for everything from obsessing about politics, to young girls really, really, really liking handbags. Of course, I do realise that life moves on and that the meanings of words change. For example, the word gay used to mean lighthearted, happy and frivolous. I also realise that words go out of favour. So maybe one day will get the word 'fetish' back, and it will mean, what it used to mean. What is a fetish?

That brings us back to, what is it? To me, it's a love of leather, latex, PVC, corsets, stockings and suspenders belts, thigh boots, six-inch heel shoes etc, etc. I think we could even put finger nails and hair into the category of fetish.

What Is A Fetish
Only real leather

Ever asked, what is a fetish?

Nowadays, what constitutes as a fetish attire has mutated and changed, from a time when it was mainly items of clothing in leather, with studs and chains, then it moved to latex, to what seems to be predominantly lingerie now. In particular, a company called Honey Birdette, they must be rubbing their hands together. They should be thanking the few mistresses that found them a few years ago, who started the trend. Of course, the same ladies have made Louboutin, a fashion footwear company, high end of course, into top-of-the-wish-list a.k.a. most-wanted footwear of every dominatrix.

What Is A Fetish - satin
Satin and stockings

Thirty five years ago fetish heels were six-inch high-heels, and space between the heel and the sole of the shoe, was a very short distance, thus making them extremely difficult to walk in. They however, created an arched foot-to-die-for! In comparison, Louboutin don't do this to the angle of the foot at all. They are merely just very pleasant footwear, at an exorbitant price. That to me, seems well beyond the sense of logic, to purchase.

What Is A Fetish - latex
Latex including stockings

Apart from fabrics, fetish means heels to me

Fetishism. It's my first love. This is probably due to the fact that I am obsessed with style and clothing. Even as early as 12 years old, I wanted certain items of clothing and it carried on through my adventures into various sub-cultures. Sub cultures weren't just about music, but also about the styles of attire that went with them.

This my last subculture, this wonderful world of BDSM/fetish has given me the greatest style statement ever. To wear clothing that is derived from, an habitual erotic response, is the pinnacle of dressing for pleasure.

Vintage leather

In conclusion, one cannot have a fetish for a foot, as it's animate. However, a fact I've known for years, was the pop artist Andy Warhol, a self proclaimed podophile, had a mummified foot on his bedside table, thus making him the worlds only foot fetishist! Especially as this particular foot was no longer animate, as to have a fetish, is to have 'an habitual erotic response to an inanimate object'.

Andy Warhol - a fetishist?!

It wasn't this one!

So the next time you hear somebody calling something a foot fetish, you know that anybody can call anything what the fuck they like), a fetish is something that does not move, and that it is erotic. 

For me, lingerie is for wearing under clothes, and for taking off and parading for somebody that you enamoured with. Unless it is exquisite 50s lingerie, rather than lingerie that has somehow had its status elevated by a few aficionados who have since been copied.

What Is A Fetish - 50's lingerie
50's inspired elegance

A fetishist till I die!

I am a fetishist first and foremost. Secondly, I am a BDSM practice practitioner. Thirdly, I am a fetish club promoter, in that order.

Hood lover. My unique vintage collection

It sound like the last word, of course it's not. Do what you like. There are no rules. Nothing is right. Nothing is wrong.

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