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Home after an amazing three day Gynarchy Governance event. My darling friend and fellow British Matriarch Mistress Tess has produced a unique High Protocol Fem Domme event in her own inimitable style. Last years GG blog.

All hosts should have their own unique take on how things are done, and this lady does it with an aplomb. She is much copied, as she is a trend setter. One to watch for future greatness. The true British Matriarchs.

In matriarchy, women hold positions of leadership and authority, and the society is organised around their decisions, needs and values. This can be easily misunderstood as systematic abuse of men and boys, however everything we do in the BDSM/fetish world is consensual. 

The word matriarchy means female leadership and nurturing principles. In our world this can mean full-time Female Led Relationship (FLR), or session-orientated play, or a part-time lifestyle approach.

I've been a British Matriarch for 35 years

So, what does society look like when actually women take the strong leadership roles? Look to Gynarchy Governance event as it gives you that. Women do not only lead to prove themselves, but they put themselves forward to get the best out of the men under their commend. Raising the quality and standards of servitude.

I’d like to think that my approach to matriarchal Fem Domme leans more towards research and experimentation, rather than firm beliefs. I believe that thought active personal education, rather than merely copying another, you find your own personal style of High Protocol Fem Domme. 

Research is the key. Personal experience and observation play a crucial role in leadership progress. Female control means different things to people, dependent on the country, age or social class you were born into. Personal expressions, rather than one way of conducting any given situation. Ones own nature and nurture massively play a role. 

High protocol slave positions!

British Matriarchs are well versed

Thirty five years on in the BDSM/fetish scene means that I have carved my own path, never once looking at others to copy them, but forging my own path. Still to this day, my monthly Mistress Workshop is unique. Rubber Cult was ground breaking (now much copied). No one had done anything like that before. I stood in my knowledge and convictions, that what I was doing would work, and it was something I was passionate about.

Women are stronger than men in many ways, and in most ways that will count in the future. Is then not a dominatrix, the strongest of them all? We may have been seen as the weaker sex for a long time…then came the era of the Fem Domme.

Ladies of Gynarchy Governance - British Matriarchs

Strong leadership

All men are not natural leaders, so to be in the presence of powerful women will reduce their stress. These men will understand their roles is to support strong female leadership, inside and outside the households. If you are a man reading this, learn how to live or serve empowered women, and try supporting an event like GG too. If you are a woman, take charge, and command with confidence. Your way!

British Matriarchs take leadership roles

Therefore, when is the next Gynarchy Governance? You need to keep an eye on the website for the at the details of the next event on June 26th to 28th 2024. As this event grows it may be impossible to get a place next year, so do not delay! This years new-venue proved to be the making of it.  The venue has lots of space and special features; house dungeon, field, jacuzzi, large dining space…oh the list goes on. More importantly Mistress Tess has nearly finished perfecting Her protocol, for Her event.

Blessed and privileged to be part of it. Apparently, I will be back for 2024. June 26th to 28th 2024. Thank you my darling friend 🙏🏼

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