Elegance of Etiquette

The elegance of etiquette and the magnificence of manners will help you navigate Femme Domme High Protocol ritual and requirements. 

Perception, how do you want to be thought of? Remember, it isn't just about what you have now, but also about what you're going to leave behind, what they will say about you when you've gone.

This introduction reminds you that high protocol starts with you, and by adopting the 'elegance of etiquette' it will take you far.

OhMyGosh, there's something about old school manners and having a level of decorum that will set you apart. Having the good grace to hold your tongue when angry, upset, aggregated, and the right words and a good sense, when to use them. It’s about showing respect and having dignity...the elegance of etiquette.

Let's imagine attending a social event and an individual might passively aggress you or deliver outright criticism. With the ‘elegance of etiquette and the magnificence of manners’ this situation is handled with grace, and not made uncomfortable or embarrassing for those present.

Elegance of etiquette high protocol starts with you!

Emphasis is on maintaining the dignity of the situation. Equally not reacting to the uncalled for criticism, where someone makes an ignorant comment in a group conversation, highlights the situation again and makes both parties uncomfortable.

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A ‘new money’ person might see this as an opportunity to show off their knowledge, correcting the host in front of everyone. The wonderful thing about manners is they don't cost a penny! It’s part of good character. 

Good manners are a reflection of personal respect and sound upbringing, and even better numerous studies have shown that individuals with good manners are more likely to be perceived positively, make friends easily and succeed. 

In our profession manners can open doors that even money can't. Good manners show social intelligence. They indicate that a person is aware of societal norms and respect the feelings and experiences of others. Universally valued qualities, regardless of social status or the culture you're born in to. And nothing screams vulgarity like unsolicited opinions. 

What you should know about high protocol, Femme Dom style, is that there is no wrong way, or right way, just your way.

Endless possibilities is the way I teach. Giving you all the different ways and advising you to make a thoughtful decision about each element of fem domme high protocol procedures.

Let's start at the beginning...

👑 Honourifics, how are you going to address them and how would you like to be addressed yourself? Obviously, there are many names that you can use to address them, from slave to slug, chattel to boy. The name or chosen name is your decision.

👑 Entering the room. When in you're with company it's a good idea to have already decided how the company will be addrerssed. There are lots of procedures that you can adopt from door knocking, to holding your hand up, like you're in school, to a small clearing of the throat and to the official position 'awaiting your command'.

👑 Ladies struggle with niceties. When to be formal and when to be friendly. Of course, you don't have to be friendly at all. However, high protocol does mean you have to be formal. When do you start? From the moment you are in each others presence can also be adopted or when instructed?

👑 Examples of high protocol include:

👑 Restricting when a submissive can speak during events or in your presence. Request permission to speak, or may only speak to the mistress allows.

👑 Kneeling, curtsying, hand up, bowing are all gestures you many want to consider to gain your mistresses attention or take another agreed-upon action, like kissing feet.

On the floor is always a good starting place.

Elegance of Etiquette

👑 Turning their back on their mistresses...you either mind or you don't.

👑 Permission to use the toilet? Your choice to decide, as there are on hard and fast rules on this personal bodily function.

👑 Walking two paces behind. Again this is not a rule. It's an option.

👑 Restricted eye contact with your sub? You decide. I personally like them to look at me. Others don't. It reinforces my power, makes them slightly unnerved, or reinforces our connection. The choice is yours.

👑 Authenticity will help you navigate all of the above. Don't try and be something you're not.

A rule a day keeps the Mistress happy!

👑 Personal and domestic service slaves activities are pre negotiated, such as bringing or cooking meals or cleaning the home. Maybe the mistress eats before their submissive is allowed. Or from a dog bowl or nothing at all?

👑 Full inspection of clothing, scent, well groomed etc can be adopted. A submissive may need to be highly presentable at all times

👑 Table ettiquette must be taught prior. No sub will know your precise requirements unless instructed. Your guests always come first however.

Elegance of Etiquette ladies

👑 Similarly with any requirements that are nuanced, they must be taught. How to clean your car, tidy your garden, make your bed, hang your clothes. Boys are boy and they will never get this correct until shown. Plus we all have different ways.

In conclusion, "Mistress is always right", should be the word on every subs lips.

Just a little taster of High Protocol Femme Domme behaviour. And you just thought it was about instructing the boys!

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