Word Is Brand Strength

Each year I pick a word to take me forward into the year ahead, focusing on a different area that I would like to use as a focal point. For 2024 my words are Brand Strength.

My past words have been Rich, Educate, Change, Manners and Mind. Love to have a project for the year ahead.

Clearly its the obvious option for this year, as I have just written a blog called Brand Workshop. However, it's not just the class, but the fact that in recent years I feel like I have solidified my look/attire, word usage, photographic images, services I offer, language I use, client relationships, website look, overall clarity in what I'm selling and the clients I'm selling too!

Do you have a clear idea of My brand?

Marketing and public relations are part of my career history, something I went to university to study. Also being an active member of the student union during this time, as Social Secretary/ Entertainments Officer, I have an infinity with media, and how it works.

Whilst at Uni I studied graphic design, so as you can see with the skills stacking up I'm fully equipped to teach this class. Also why I have successfully risen to the top of my profession. Nearly forgot I was Editor of a magazine at university called Succession.

Can you name three words to describe my brand strength?

Unsurprising, I became a fetish club promotor shortly after finding myself on the fetish scene. Now you can see my trajectory, it won't surprises you that I was Features Editor for Zeitgeist magazine during my early years on the London fetish scene.

Question? Did I create my brand? Or did my brand create me?

One thing In know is that, it's been 35 years in the making, and not the seven years (nearly eight) I've been a professional dominatrix.

Some past jobs I've done, bear no relevance to my path in life; nanny, land worker, supermarket, bar work...etc. Never be in a hurry, to call yourself an expert. Put the time in.

Live your life and don't let ambition take over

Continue to learn about yourself, know who you want to be, and how you want others to see you. I'm still evolving and strengthening my brand every day.

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