Fem Domme Protocols

Fem domme protocols in a D/s relationship can vary widely depending on the individuals involved and their preferences. However, some common protocols include:

One: Daily Greetings and Farewells: The submissive might be required to greet the dominant in a specific manner when they wake up or when they see each other after being apart for some time. Similarly, they might need to say goodbye in a particular way.

Domme protocols are a matter of choice

Two: The use of Honorific's: The submissive might be required to address the dominant with specific titles or honorific's, such as "Mistress," "Ma'am," or "Goddess," to show respect and acknowledge the power dynamic.

Fem Domme

Three: Permission to Orgasm: The dominant may require the submissive to ask for permission before they are allowed to orgasm. This can be a way to reinforce the power dynamic and control within the relationship.

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Four: Daily Tasks or Chores: The submissive might have a set of daily tasks or chores they must complete for the dominant. These can range from household chores to more personal tasks like massage, ironing, food shopping or hair styling.

Fem Domme Protocols
Fem Domme Protocols

Protocols should be discussed in advance

Five: Dress Code: The dominant may have specific rules about how the submissive dresses, including what types of clothing are allowed or required, and how the submissive presents themselves.

Six: Punishment and Rewards: The dominant may have a system in place for punishing or rewarding the submissive based on their behaviour. This can include things like spanking, time-outs, or denial of privileges for misbehaviour, and rewards like special treats or extra attention for good behaviour.

Fem Domme Punishments

Fem Domme runs through all aspects of BDSM

Seven: Communication Rules: The dominant may have rules about when and how the submissive is allowed to speak, especially in public or during specific situations. This can include things like requiring the submissive to ask for permission before speaking, or requiring them to speak in a certain tone or manner.

In conclusion, just remember, these are just examples and the specific protocols in a D/s relationship should be negotiated and agreed upon by both parties to ensure they are comfortable and safe. For instance I don't like excuses. A simple "sorry, I will do better Miss".

Fem Domme Protocols

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