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There are some gentlemen I know I will only see once or you once in a while. However,  I like to build a relationship and this can only be done with regular visits. Coming back again and again will build up a fantastic rapore. Special things happen when you establish that bond. Mistress and slaves…
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Play Space & Equipment

I’ve been on the BDSM fetish scene for 32 years and can remember a time when there was not internet or mobile phones. Just a house phone! Even thought I have not been a dominatrix, pro domme, London mistress, over those years I have accumulated a lot of equipment...'the tools of the trade'! My playroom is…
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Customer Service

I’m nice. If you want a bitch (in session) you have to ask for it…however, be careful of what you wish for, as I’m an accomplished actress. I am as adept at the super hardcore stuff, as the kinky tied and teased, however, I'm not by nature a super hardcore Domme. I  see so many ladies…
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Travelling Domme

As a full time Mistress, dominatrix, pro domme I'm always happy to leave London, UK and see clients in their local city. Want me to come to your city? All you have to do is suggest a dungeon I can rent or you pay for a nice hotel room. Plus pay for two hours up…
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It’s My Job

As a London Mistress, dominatrix, pro domme, I take my job very seriously. I work every day and see it as a full time job. Basically It's my job! I’m not looking for someone to work with, to share a dungeon, to mentor or to give free sessions. However, I’m more than happy to form…
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Follow Me

There are many ways you can find me Miss Kim, dominatrix, pro domme, mistress London. Follow me and check out what I’m into, get a feel of what type of Mistress I am and follow my musings. My website is certainly not definitive, but stylish and too the point. I think my reputation preceeds me. There…
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BDSM Keeps You Fit

BDSM keeps you fit and your mind sharp. Miss Kim Rub conducts dominatrix sessions in central London E2 most days of the week. She will put your thought your paces ands she is a firm believer that BDSM keeps you fit. It is essential to call, as sessions cannot be booked via email or text.…
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Love Hoods

Miss Kim Rub, is a professional domme, pro domme, dom, mistress, sessions are available from E2 London most days. My love of hoods goes a little bit further than wearing them for over 20+ years or having an amazing collection of hand-made 'car tyre inner tube' hoods, that are on brackets on my wall. I…
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